By you, for you®.

Enhanced Lifestyles is a not-for-profit disability services provider focused on enhancing our customers’ lives through respectful and person-centred support. We’re governed by our members and built by people living with disability ensuring our customers’ needs always come first.

All of our work is grounded in a belief that our customers’ voices are the most important ones at the table. We create an environment where our customers can control their supports. With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing support services that work with our customers as they achieve their dreams and reach their goals.

We work alongside individuals, serving each of our customer’s individual needs through personalised assistance that’s centred in achieving the highest quality of support. This means no two approaches are the same, with our support services and recommendations driven by the individuality of our customers.

Our story

We should all be able to decide how we live our lives – where we choose to live, the dreams and goals we strive for, who we share our time with. In an ever-changing world, people’s right to choose provides certainty, and certainty is the foundation on which we build happy, rewarding lives. This innate desire to have control over our lives is how Enhanced Lifestyles came to be.

Our organisation was founded over thirty years ago, long before the NDIS was created, and before the world’s governing bodies formally recognised the rights and needs of people living with disability.

Established by a group of people living with disability themselves, they realised that no one was better equipped to choose the kind of individualised support they needed than they were. Honing their knowledge and skills, they became architects and builders of their own disability support services.

Today, Enhanced Lifestyles remains a member-governed not-for-profit, with people who use our services sitting on our Board. It’s the design and provision of disability support services based on lived experience that differentiates us from many other providers. Led by customers for customers, our unique, personalised approach has always defined who we are and what we do.

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And we love what we do: from high quality personalised in-home care and supported independent living to social and community-based activities, we work alongside individuals with various disabilities. When our customers require more complex support, we provide that, too.

Our independent team of support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches bring additional expertise to arrange the supports and services you choose, developing your capacity and building your independence.

As individuals and as an organisation, we are aware of the trust placed in us by our customers and their loved ones. Driven by a shared purpose and passion for bettering lives, our team treat every customer interaction as a trusted invitation into their world. That trust is earned through our professional, warm-hearted approach – driving and rewarding us as we seek out new ways to support our customers to live life the way they choose.

Want to know more about us?

Read about our history or watch our short video to find out why we thought people needed choice and control long before the inception of the NDIS.

Brand promise

We are in the business of:

Individualised disability services

Why we exist:

Everyone has the right to decide how they live their life

How we do it:

Led by customers, for customers

Benefit to our customers:

Freedom of choice

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What we believe in: 


The desire for people to be in charge of their own life dates back to when our founding members took control of their own support services. Being member-governed and customer-led is at the heart of our association. This lived experience ensures we’re not making decisions without members and customers voices being heard.


Personalised support forms the foundation of everything we do. By listening carefully to what our members and customers want, we build their support services around their individual lifestyle and needs. This individualised approach ensures they can decide how they live their life.


Community engagement plays a vital role in the lives of our members and customers. They have the right to decide how and when they participate within their community. By supporting existing opportunities for community engagement, as well as devising our own events and programs, we ensure their freedom of choice.


Supporting people is an invitation into their lives. We treat every customer relationship with care and professionalism, performing our duties in a trustworthy and transparent way. Delivering on all aspects of our brand promise is how we create lasting confidence and certainty among our members and customers.

Our tagline:

…because being member-governed is at the heart of Enhanced Lifestyles. This lived experience ensures we’re not making decisions without members and customers voices being heard.

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