At Enhanced Lifestyles, we are all about providing person-centred supports – and to us, this also means going above and beyond to enrich every aspect of our customers’ lives.

Why? Well, we’re member-governed, which means that our customers make important decisions about the direction that our organisation takes. From their lived experience and valuable input, we know that some disabilities can be isolating. We also know that, historically, many disability service providers didn’t enrich the social element of their customers’ lives.

From day one, our mission was to change the way disability services were delivered. Knowing the importance of friendships and social activities for overall wellbeing, we wanted to do something to ensure that our customers are given every opportunity to connect with each other and forge lasting friendships.

That’s why we organise events for our customers, which they can attend with their Lifestyle Attendants.  For us, it’s all about adding value for our customers, and ensuring that our customers can socialise in safe and supported environments.

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Lifestyle Lunches

Our Lifestyle Lunches provide a fulfilling social experience, a good meal, and a great way to bond with other Enhanced Lifestyles customers. The presence of customers’ Lifestyle Attendants provides familiar, trusted faces, and ensures that all customers are fully supported, leaving them free to relax and enjoy the lunch. We book our lunch venues in different towns and suburbs so we can reach as many customers as possible.

Coffee Clubs

Our Coffee Clubs are casual drop-in events where you can relax with coffee and cake for as little or as long as you like (events run for a maximum of 1.5 hours). When we can, our Coffee Clubs are held near shopping centres so you can maximise the time you have with your Lifestyle Attendant. Tick two things off your list in the one outing.…socialising and shopping!

Member-only events

A free Enhanced Lifestyles membership comes with many benefits, one of which is having access to exclusive member-only events! These go beyond regular customer events – think experiences like movies, zoo visits, shows and other great activities. Member-only events are popular, so attendees are selected via expressions of interest to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy them.

Upcoming Adelaide Member events

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Upcoming Lifestyle Lunches in Adelaide

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