NDIS Temporary Accommodation

Sometimes, you might need to get out of your home for a little while. This might be to go on a break from your usual routine, like a short holiday.  You might also need to find somewhere to stay if you’re moving into a long term home, but you’re waiting on some changes to be made to the home before you can move in.

In your NDIS plan, you may have two different types of funding: Short Term Accommodation and Medium Term Accommodation

NDIS Short Term Accommodation

If you’re looking to take a break from your normal routine, Short Term Accommodation, or STA, provides funding for support and accommodation during short periods.

This includes funding for:

  • Personal care.
  • Accommodation.
  • Food.
  • Activities as agreed by you and your provider.

The NDIS usually funds up to 28 days of Short Term Accommodation each year, under the Core Supports category. This can help you to:

  • Step outside your comfort zone.
  • Improve your social skills by meeting new people.
  • Increase your independence.

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation

Have you found a long-term home, but you’re waiting on the finishing touches before you can move in? Medium Term Accommodation, or MTA, is funding provided by the NDIS for accommodation costs if:

  • You can’t move in to your long-term home because your disability supports are not ready.
  • Another person needs to move out before you can move into your long-term home.

If you are eligible, the NDIS usually funds the cost of accommodation for up to 90 days. Unlike funding for Short Term Accommodation, Medium Term Accommodation funding does not cover personal care, food or activities.

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If you’re wanting to move out of the family home and you need a level of in-home support all the time, we also provide Supported Independent Living (SIL) services. Please check our Supported Independent Living page for more information.

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