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At Enhanced Lifestyles, our NDIS Support Coordination assists with managing the services that impact our customers’ health, education, social engagement, and more. Our goal in this work is to assist our customers in receiving the most value out of their plans as possible, with a focus on prioritising areas that directly correlate to each of our customers’ needs. We prioritise their feedback, ensuring they’re heard. Each support network is designed based on their preferences and desires.

We place a high value on individual customer input as a constant measure of success. Our goal is to ensure they receive the best quality services accessible to them through intentional communication and support. This further reflects the Enhanced Lifestyles focus on supporting customers to achieve their goals, ambitions, and outcomes in service of a meaningful life.

Our Support Coordinators/Specialist Support Coordinators can work with you to assist in implementing your NDIS plan, supporting your sufficiency, and ensuring your individual needs are met on an ongoing basis. We prioritise long-term outcomes that keep choice and control in the hands of the individual. Our collaborative work with a multitude of service providers contributes to an overall experience of holistic, person-centred, and dignified care.

How you can benefit

  • Ensure comprehensive NDIS Support Coordination across all of your service providers
  • Create and manage service agreements
  • Negotiate price and packages, ensuring maximum value is achieved from your NDIS plan
  • Develop and maintain appropriate budgets for supports
  • Liaise with plan managers as is required
  • Provide connections to mainstream or community services
  • Support the implementation and ongoing review of NDIS goals
  • Collaborate with Local Area Coordinators/Planners to ensure that your desired outcomes are achieved

How we will support you

  • Access specialised knowledge within your support team across their various skill sets
  • Benefit from a dedicated and enthusiastic team of NDIS Support Coordinators
  • Trust in the connections of our team with the wider disability sector, ensuring a high quality of service and support
  • Make the most of services that are completely tailored to your goals, needs and desired outcomes
  • Advocate alongside you to achieve desired outcomes
  • Provide support that contributes to a meaningful life that’s within your control
  • Ensure that you’re linked to the correct and relevant providers for your needs
  • Maintain ongoing professional relationships with your network of providers

Meet our Support Coordinators

Tara Wormald

Support Coordination Team Leader

Cassie Gillen

Specialist Support Coordinator

Muhammad Atif

Support Coordinator

Stephanie-Anne Noga

Support Coordinator

Molly Perth

Support Coordinator

Ash Helmond

Support Coordinator

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