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Enhanced Lifestyles was created and designed by people living with disability to achieve an important goal: to make sure customers have a say in how their services are delivered. Today, we’re proud to still be a member-governed not-for-profit. Our Board is comprised of people who use our services ensuring that our customers’ needs always come first.

We support children and adults in Adelaide, the Riverland and the Limestone Coast with a wide range of disabilities, tailoring our services based on customer preferences, goals and needs. Our member-focused approach is informed by the customers that sit on our Board, creating a person-centred support foundation that’s all about respecting your choices and decisions.

Our organisation has over 30 years of experience in delivering high-quality, respectful and goal-oriented support. With services designed by people with disabilities, we pride ourselves on working alongside our customers as they achieve their dreams and reach their goals.

Enhanced Lifestyles has a network of Lifestyle Attendants who are committed to delivering this support at home, in the community and across all aspects of our customers’ daily lives.

Your services. Your way.

At Enhanced Lifestyles, our customers are in charge of how their service is structured and the support they receive. That’s why we were created, we were designed by people with disabilities to achieve an important goal: to make sure customers have a say in how their services are delivered.

Our services are uniquely shaped for each of our customers based on who they are, what their goals are, what they need to achieve them and when they need that support. Our customer-led ethos is mirrored in each of our daily actions, embodying this belief that our customers are the experts in their own lives.

Our approach empowers customers to achieve their goals, fully supported by their team of Lifestyle Attendants.

The schedule?

Made by you

The services?

Decided by you

The outcome?

You’re in control

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Why choose Enhanced Lifestyles?

Member governed

Our support services are grounded in a genuine understanding of our customers, ensuring that their needs always come first.

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Personalised services

Times of services are determined by our customers, and they also choose their Lifestyle Attendants (Support Workers).

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Quality & value

Our prices are some of the most competitive in Australia, and sit well below the prices set by the NDIS. This helps you to make the most of your NDIS plan.

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Want to know more about us?

Read about our history or watch our short video to find out why we thought people needed choice and control long before the inception of the NDIS.

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