If you’ve ever been on the hunt for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), you’ll know it can be hard to find a suitable property run by a provider that offers high quality and personalised supports. After becoming all too familiar with the impossibility of finding a good fit, father and son team Ken and William Fryer founded New Dawn housing.

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Introducing our friends, New Dawn Housing! This family-run SDA provider is a disruptor in every sense. With a uniquely person-centred approach and a passion for providing modern homes with all the trimmings, they’re a great choice to work alongside Enhanced Lifestyles.

We’re very excited to tell you all about New Dawn’s origin story and how their values align with ours. But first, let us provide a little bit of context about the Supported Independent Living (SIL) services we offer. As you read on, you’ll notice the synergies between our services!

Enhanced Lifestyles Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL is a support available under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). People with SIL in their NDIS plans can access round-the-clock support in a home with accessibility features suitable for their needs. While many SIL homes are shared with other people who are living with disability, some are for a single occupant. You can learn more about SIL funding arrangements on the NDIS website.

We are a proud SIL provider. Our delivery of person-centred SIL supports is shaped by our belief that no two people are alike. We get to know each customer’s needs, preferences, goals, and lifestyles, and match them to a suitable home and housemates (if applicable). Our team knows that transitioning to a SIL home can be stressful, so we focus on supporting customers through a smooth and dignified transition. We also maintain open communication where we check in regularly to identify any issues. If you’re interested in SIL, you can check out our current vacancies here.

Our approach stems from our member-governed roots. In a nutshell, this means our customers can sit on our Board or become part of our Member Advisory Group. Here, customers can discuss the ins and outs of decisions that affect other customers and draw on their lived experience and perspectives to drive change. Customers enjoy having the opportunity to build their skills, advocate for their peers, and make new friends.

Being member-governed might sound unique amongst disability service providers, and that’s because it is. We’re the only organisation of our kind in South Australia! You can learn more about membership here, or read the story of how Enhanced Lifestyles came to exist here.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

Before we dive into the story of New Dawn, here’s a bit of background about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

SDA is a term used to describe housing designed for people with significant functional impairment or very high needs as a result of their disability. And yes, SIL services are sometimes delivered in SDA houses. As you can imagine, a combination of these services allows a person to navigate and enjoy their home while receiving person-centred and responsive support.

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New Dawn housing

Ken and William Fryer standing in front of a modern SDA house.Ken and William Fryer’s loved one, James (we’ve changed his name to protect his privacy), lives with disability. Early on, the family recognised that James would flourish in SDA with round the clock support, SIL-style. Unfortunately, this was many years before the NDIS rollout, and securing a place in a suitable home was easier said than done. The Fryer family found themselves on a journey not uncommon amongst Aussie families: they couldn’t find a suitable place for James to live.

The search for appropriate accommodation was long and tedious, with the Crafers-based family exploring options all over South Australia. First, James was offered a place in Victor Harbor. The family accepted this as a temporary solution, hoping something more suitable would come along. James was then offered a place in Kilburn; while this was still a little further than the family had hoped, they couldn’t afford to be picky. Needless to say, when it came to good housing, demand far exceeded supply.

Not long after James moved in, it became clear he was not getting along with the other tenants. But that begged the question: why weren’t household dynamics considered before the home was offered? Compatibility is an important ingredient in any household, but it seemed that providers were putting people anywhere, as if it didn’t matter who they lived with.

Eventually, James and the Fryer family found a home in Broadview with a compatible housemate. James received great support here; he was happy and settled at last.

SDA with a difference

The years-long saga left Ken and William with a lot of insight into the problems with the SDA system, but the enterprising duo also had a few ideas for solutions. They dreamt of building a home especially for James, but after extensive research and consultation, it became clear this was going to be harder than they expected. Rather than being discouraged by all the roadblocks, Ken and William were inspired to plug the holes in the market. It was great timing, too – Ken was eager for a new chapter after retiring from a successful career as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, while William was working in finance and marketing after completing a management degree at the University of South Australia. Pooling their skills, passion, and business acumen, they decided to go for it.

Eventually, Enhanced Lifestyles and New Dawn became acquainted. Ken and William’s story of lived experience informing their business philosophy really resonated with our team. Nowadays, we work together to provide supports to customers.

Ken and William took a year to carefully establish their new business and earn NDIS registration as an SDA provider. A few years on, they’ve had some time to refine their approach and establish themselves as a top-tier provider of homes that are as person-centred as they are stunning. New Dawn Housing is now the proud provider of four SDA homes across Adelaide. Of course, their journey doesn’t stop there: Ken and William have many more exciting projects in the pipeline!

A 3d rendering of a kitchen and dining room.