Member Advisory Group

Our Member Advisory Group (MAG) meetings are a means for customers to provide input and feedback on matters that affect other customers. By having these discussions, we hope to improve services for all through the lens of lived experience. It’s just another way Enhanced Lifestyles remains member-governed.

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How is the MAG different to the Board?

It’s a completely separate thing! The MAG involves a smaller time commitment when compared to being a Board member. MAG meetings are held every two months and are scheduled for less than two hours, meaning you can make a big difference for only 12 hours of contact time per year.

Plus, MAG meetings are also held in-person (though customers can join in remotely via webinar) and require no electronic documents.

If you’d like to know more about what to expect from participating in the MAG, you can read our MAG articles below.

How to get involved

Customers and members of Enhanced Lifestyles are eligible to apply to join the MAG.  Find out more by reading our Terms of Reference.

If you’re interested in joining, complete the MAG application form and our Code of Conduct Agreement. Please return your completed forms to us via email or post to Enhanced Lifestyles, 215 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA 5007.

Alternatively, contact us at or on 8340 2000 and we’ll send you hard copies of the forms along with a reply-paid envelope if you’d prefer to apply this way.

Once you apply, the Board will review your application and you will be notified of the outcome.

Membership Advisory Group forms

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Member Advisory Group Application Form

Complete this online form to apply to become a member of MAG (you must be a member to apply).

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Member Advisory Group Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct when you apply to become a member of MAG.

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Member Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Read our MAG's Terms of Reference.


Meet our MAG leadership

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Chris Spencer, Chair

Chris is a former wheelchair rugby athlete, having represented South Australia seven years in a row. As a MAG member, he enjoys using his lived experience to improve services for his fellow customers. He’s also a natural mentor and advocate, having served on the advisory committee for Muscular Dystrophy South Australia.

Read Chris’ story

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Lynn Ellison, Vice-Chair

Lynn has been involved with MAG since October 2023, and we welcome her experience and expertise moving forward.


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