We always enjoy getting our members together at Member Advisory Group meetings. Here’s what happened at the last one!

Our second Member Advisory Group (MAG) meeting was held on Wednesday 4 October 2023. If you don’t know much about our MAG, be sure to read about its purpose and how it differs from our Board, or catch up on the events of our first MAG meeting.

What happened at the last MAG?

The meeting was chaired by Chris Spencer, who was elected MAG co-chair at the first meeting in August. We welcomed back our existing MAG members and also welcomed a two new faces: Morneer and Lynn. It was great to see more of our wonderful members getting involved and sharing their opinions to strengthen our organisation.

After lunch and some informal networking, members heard from guest speaker Maurice Corcoran AM, who presented and sought feedback on the progress he’s made towards a review of our constitution. It’s a big job, but there’s no one better to do it: not only is Maurice one of our founding members, he’s also recently served four years as part of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

Members also discussed our ongoing governance review, an important project being carried out by Rosina Hislop of RH Advisory. Here, Rosina received feedback from members on the progress so far and the way forward.

These projects represent some additional ways we are strengthening our organisation, both in terms of elevating our member-governed model and continuously improving the services our customers receive.

The last order of business was a brainstorming session about our all-important customer events. Members provided ideas for Head Office staff to consider in the planning of next year’s events calendar. We gladly took these on board and now we’re super excited to announce our next round of events! If you’re a customer and don’t receive our newsletter, give your CRO a call and they’ll add you to the mailing list. Alternatively, if you’re not a customer and want to see what we’re up to, click here to subscribe.

What is it like to be a part of the MAG?

While MAG is still relatively young, we’re hearing a lot of great things from members who attend. According to members, it’s not a huge time commitment, though it’s incredibly rewarding. It’s also flexible: one member attended via webinar as they couldn’t make it to the venue. Plus, you get free lunch, some time to get to know each other before the meeting, and a chance to bounce your ideas off people who are just as passionate as you are. That’s just a few reasons to get involved!

What’s next?

To thank the members who so generously give their time and expertise to the MAG, the next meeting will be in November and include an end-of-year celebratory lunch at the Maylands Hotel. Tom Rippon, Executive Manager Marketing and Strategy, and Naomi Miranda, Executive Manager Quality, Safety and Risk, will be seeking feedback and opinions from members on projects in their respective areas.