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Interim CEO Report

Enhanced Lifestyles has continued to strengthen its unique position as a member-governed disability services organisation in 2020-21. We made significant structural developments to improve our quality, compliance, and sustainability.

Our regional presence has grown into the Limestone Coast this year, with the opening of an office in Mt Gambier and commencement of service provision to NDIS customers in the region. There are clear needs for NDIS services in the Limestone Coast community. We will be working hard to support people living with a disability in this region next year.

Our presence and services in the Riverland region continue to grow. We have had success with improved recruitment efforts through the year which has enabled more customers to come on board. Enhanced Lifestyles is in strong demand across the regions due to the name we have made for ourselves as a genuine person-centred and flexible service.

We have made the decision to invest in new key staff roles to ensure an even higher quality of services into the future. One prominent area in which this change will be seen is in the clinical care of our customers and our overarching clinical governance framework. Enhanced Lifestyles is committed to ensuring that we have the expertise and resources 8 to ensure all of our customers receive the support they require, and that our Lifestyle Attendants are appropriately trained and equipped to continue being excellent providers of care and assistance.

The year has been challenging on several fronts, but Enhanced Lifestyles has responded positively and proactively. We have addressed increasing NDIS compliance requirements within the required timeframes and have strengthened our relationships with the NDIS Commission staff in SA due to our transparent and professional responses. There has been a need to overhaul a number of our systems to ensure they remain appropriate and effective in the modern work environment. As a result, we have renewed our WHS and risk management systems, and made numerous upgrades to our IT infrastructure, software, and cybersecurity measures.

As with many other organisations, COVID-19 has presented several challenges in being able to continue providing essential services in a changed environment. We have developed and continually updated our COVID-19 business continuity plan in order to be able to continue providing services to customers while reducing risk and disruptions.
Enhanced Lifestyles’ Quality team has addressed hundreds of issues large and small throughout the year and has provided support and counsel to customers and Lifestyle Attendants with the end goal of continuously improving services in a multitude of ways.

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