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CEO Report

The 2019 – 20 financial year was challenging and emotional for Enhanced Lifestyles and the world in general. The Enhanced team demonstrated its resilience and tenacity by pulling together, embracing change and exceeding expectations.

The passing of Phillip Beddall in August 2019 brought sadness not only to Enhanced Lifestyles but to the whole disability sector. We said goodbye to a good friend, colleague and mentor and an amazing advocate for human rights; not only for people with disabilities but also for fairness and equity for all.

Early in 2020, COVID-19 occurred and required us to rethink the way we deliver services and we not only continued to deliver the services, but we even grew the organisation.

Despite shifted priorities and unchartered challenges, there were still many successes that need recognition. The organisation successfully passed its first audit against the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework. The auditors recommended our continued registration and the organisation achieved Attendant Community Industry Standard 2018 (ACIS2018) accreditation.

Vale Phillip Beddall

On 30 August 2019, we said goodbye to Phillip Beddall. He was an amazing advocate for human rights, not only for people with disabilities but also for equity and equality for all.

Phillip was my boss, friend and mentor for the past five years as well as a friend and mentor to the many who were fortunate to know him. He was an innovative and dynamic person who firmly believed that services should support people with a disability and the community as a whole. His belief in an inclusive, fair, and accessible community began from an early age. And he pursued that dream with energy, mentoring so many of us along the way.

Phillip’s extraordinary life included being our Chair at Enhanced Lifestyles for the previous 10 years. He was also a strong supporter of many disability and social justice organisations. I want to acknowledge the impact Phillip had on my life and others. The commitment, dedication, foresight, and leadership he demonstrated over the past two decades delivered the organisation to where it is now — moving sustainably and prosperously into the future.

Phillip was instrumental in ensuring the ongoing sustainability of Enhanced Lifestyles whilst maintaining our Customer-led governance model and core values. The operations team, Lifestyle Attendants, and customers all miss Phillip immensely. He was always available for a chat, welcomed questions and took the time to build understanding, and explain concepts from the perspective of someone with a disability.

Phillip, you are remembered.

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