COVID-19 Update 16 July 2021

July 16, 2021
Premier Steven Marshall announced heightened internal restrictions once again as a pre-emptive measure due to the deteriorating situation occurring in

Premier Steven Marshall announced heightened internal restrictions once again as a pre-emptive measure due to the deteriorating situation occurring in other states. 


Border restrictions have also been declared due to the rise of positive cases in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.


Current Internal Restrictions

As of midnight, 16th July 2021, the following restrictions have come into effect until further notice:


  • Masks are to be worn in high-risk settings such as aged care facilities, hospitals, and disability accommodation services. They are also to be worn in personal care settings.
  • Masks are mandatory for indoor entertainment venues where capacity is above 50%, such as the cinema.
  • Businesses are to enforce a density arrangement of 50%.
  • A cap of 150 people on private gatherings and functions (homes, function centres etc.)
  • No dancing and singing in gatherings.


Travel Update

As of midnight, 16th July 2021, the following changes have been made to interstate travel:


  • People coming into South Australia from Melbourne, Geelong, and Bacchus Marsh will need to quarantine for two weeks.
  • Anyone travelling in South Australia from other parts of the Victoria will need to undergo testing on days one, five and 13, but will not have to isolate once they get their first negative test result.
  • The 70-kilometre border bubble with Victoria will continue.
  • Plans to lift border restrictions with South East Queensland have been cancelled, but testing requirements will be lifted for people coming from Townsville and Birdsville.


Enhanced Lifestyles Mask Direction 


We recommend Lifestyle Attendants wear a face mask whilst providing services to Customers until further notice. This follows direction from the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Public Activities COVID-19 Direction No 29.


The following exceptions apply to wearing a face mask whilst on shift: 


  • Lifestyle Attendants providing services are not required to wear a mask if it hinders service provision or impacts the Customers safety.
  • A Customer receiving individual support in their own home is not expected to wear a mask.
  • Lifestyle Attendants and/or Customers are not required to wear a mask if they have a relevant medical condition, including problems with their breathing or a serious condition of the face.
  • A mask is not required to be worn in circumstances where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication. Such as to enable communication by or with any person who is deaf or hard of hearing.
  • A Customer or live-in Lifestyle Attendant of a Supported Independent Living (SIL) house may be exempt from wearing a mask if it has been risk assessed as causing distress or inconvenience for the Customer. Including circumstances in which it is not possible to comply with the physical distancing principle.


COVID-19 testing & vaccinations 


If you are displaying symptoms related to COVID-19, we kindly ask that you undertake a test. Please self-isolate until a negative result is received.


Support staff that work in the disability sector are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination. This is the most effective method to protect against coronavirus infection.


If you are unwell and displaying symptoms of any kind, please do not attend your shift with a Customer. This could result in them falling ill, which could have severe implications for their health.


Please notify our Service Delivery Team two hours before your shift commences if you are unwell and cannot work. This will allow time for a cover shift to be arranged, so the Customer still receives services.


As a general reminder, please continue practising correct hand hygiene techniques by regularly washing your hands and applying hand sanitiser. Performing these tasks can significantly reduce the spread of germs.


We want to thank all Customers and Lifestyle Attendants adapting to these changes and adjusting the way services are provided. As always, we are here to support you during this time.


If you have any concerns, please get in touch with the office and speak to one of our friendly support staff.


Kind regards,

Enhanced Lifestyles Inc.

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