Community engagement plays a vital role in the lives of our members and customers. They have the right to decide how and when they participate within their community. By supporting existing opportunities for community engagement, as well as devising our own events and programs, we ensure their freedom of choice.

Katina from Flamboyance Tours was a wealth of information and provided us with a memorable experience.

If you’re not already a member you can apply to become a member for free, by filling out this form. Once you have submitted your membership application you express your interest to join us at this event.

People interacting with a bronze pig sculpture in a pedestrian mall. A woman smiling while sitting on a bronze pig sculpture on a city street. A woman gestures while speaking to a seated man with a beard in a hat at a park with trees and sculptures in the background. A group of people, one in a wheelchair, engaged in conversation on a sunlit street with graffiti art on the walls. People gathered around a glass floor exhibit inside a shopping arcade. Pedestrians gathered around a colorful ornamental fountain in an urban plaza with trees and shops in the background. A group of people posing for a photograph in front of a large reflective sculpture in an urban outdoor setting.