Mobile phone apps have become indispensable tools for people living with disabilities, offering many benefits that enhance daily life and promote inclusivity.

Apps can be empowering, removing barriers to communication and helping people to live more independently.

Below are 6 apps that meet a broad range of needs. Whether you are planning a trip or an outing, need help communicating, or want a way to reduce stress and anxiety, there is something in this list for you.


Pavely is a smartphone app aimed at making communities more accessible.

Pavely is created by the community, for the community, just like Enhanced Lifestyles are ‘By you, for you’!

Pavely is the result of a collaborative effort involving the Department of Human Services, the Department for Innovation and Skills, Department of Treasury and Finance and Go2Gov program start-up ‘The Moonshine Lab’. It is uniquely South Australian and would be of particular use for Enhanced Lifestyle customers wanting to get out and about solo, with family and friends, or with their Lifestyle Attendants.

Its features have been shaped by people living with disability to ensure the app’s usability and accessibility.

The app works by providing a directory of venues and facilities across the state and allows users to search these based on accessibility ratings given by other users. Users can rate a range of venue features, including parking, options for assistance, amenities, its entrance, and how well it caters to visual and sensory needs.

Pavely assists people living with disabilities to plan their social outings with ease, and to rate how well venues around the state provide for their customers. The more people that get involved, the more valuable the app will be.

Pavely is free and is available on Apple IOS and Android smartphones.


HelpTalk helps individuals with communication challenges to express their needs and emotions effectively through sets of customisable icons. This broad ranging app aids users to communicate with healthcare professionals, caregivers, and loved ones by allowing users to personalise their actions and emotions with icons.

For any messages not covered by icons, HelpTalk offers a ‘talk’ interface for typing messages. For those with limited dexterity, accessibility is aided through large ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buttons.

HelpTalk also includes an SOS mode for urgent situations. Activating the SOS button triggers the app to send an alert message to the user’s chosen contact, providing the real-time location coordinates. A trusted contact can share location details with emergency services, serving as a vital safety tool.

HelpTalk is free and is available on Android smartphones, with more platforms to come in the future.


BlueBays is an innovative app designed for South Australians, facilitating the discovery of accessible parking spaces throughout the state. Users can contribute to the app’s database by adding and mapping accessible parking spots along their commute, while also providing valuable details such as meter prices.

Developed by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion of the Government of South Australia, BlueBays is a free app and is available on Android and Apple IOS smartphones.

A blue and white disabled parking symbol painted on an asphalt surface, bordered by pink lines.

Tappy is an app designed to soothe and engage individuals in a fun and relaxing way. Tappy is a self-care fidgeter app designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety quickly, and is perfect for individuals who find it hard to relax and focus.

Tappy uses sensory stimulation to immerse users into a game and improve overall stress and anxiety levels.

Tappy also includes other games and activities that give satisfying sensory feedback responses such as fidget game tools and mood tracking.

Tappy is free to use with in app purchases, and is available on Apple IOS smartphones.


Rogervoice is an app that supports people who have difficulties hearing. It was designed to provide deaf people or hard of hearing people with an easier way to make phone calls.

Rogervoice works by captioning phone calls instantly, allowing the user to read the live transcript and understand what a speaker is saying.

Rogervoice has subscription fees and is available to download on Android and Apple IOS smartphones.

Be My Eyes 

Be My Eyes is an app that provides greater accessibility to blind people or those with low-level vision. The app connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers through live video calls.

During a call, blind or low-level vision users are able to communicate with sighted volunteers directly who help them solve whatever problem or issue they are calling about.

Be My Eyes is free to use and is available on Apple IOS and Android smartphones.

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