Louise is driven by a desire to give back to her community. She uses her voice to achieve the best outcome for everyone, including herself – that’s why she’s a member of the Enhanced Lifestyles Board!

As a long-time Enhanced Lifestyles customer, Louise has served on the Board for ten years previously. During this time, she took on the role of Board Secretary; Louise loved having the opportunity to grow as a person, learn about the organisation, and take part in training and events. She is now back for a second tenure and is looking forward to advocating for her peers once again.

Louise believes that her purpose on Earth is to open people’s eyes and minds to the reality of living with a disability; she wants to prove that anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to. One of Louise’s dreams is to ‘pay it forward’ and use her lived experience to mentor someone who could use some guidance in the pursuit of their goals. Of course, Louise relishes any opportunity to educate, empower, and inspire; so when she was invited to speak at a disability expo event, she was honoured (albeit nervous) to accept!

Before retiring, Louise worked at Inprint Computing as a typist for many years, assisting students with typing their assignments. She also had the opportunity to work as a Disability Advocate within a government department, assisting others to understand their rights and entitlements.

At home, you will find Louise in her garden, tending to her veggie patch. She grows cauliflowers, carrots, cabbages, and tomatoes in raised garden beds. When the gardening is finished, she listens to music – namely Cold Chisel, Michel Buble, and anything classical – with her pet bird, Will.

Louise also enjoys attending Enhanced Lifestyles’ Coffee Club and Lunch Club events, where she gets to catch up with new and old friends alike. Here, she shares her experience as a Board Member and hopes to encourage other customers to consider joining in the future.

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