Louise has been an Enhanced Lifestyles Customer since its inception over thirty years ago. She has been actively involved in the organisation’s governance and social activities over this time. Louise has been a Committee Member on the Board of Enhanced Lifestyles for the past 10 years, recently stepping down to take a break and focus on her goals.

This past month Louise had new modifications installed in her Adelaide home to assist with daily living.

“Everything I requested to assist me in maintaining my independence was budgeted and submitted as part of my new NDIS plan this year”, Louise stated.

Once Louise had established her desired goals and a home assessment was completed, she was granted her request. These modifications were categorised in Louise’s NDIS plan under assistive technology. Funding was allocated for a Google Home, smart lights, smart blinds, speakers, air conditioner voice sensors and a new doorbell.

The Google Home device is linked to all of the new additions through Louise’s WI-FI network.

This system has an in-built scheduling program so Louise can establish a regular routine day and night for her convenience.

Voice activation sensors were installed for Louise’s air conditioning units to adjust heating or cooling on command. All globes and sensors are regularly monitored to ensure Louise can live her day-to-day life with no interruptions.

A major goal of Louise’s was to further increase her independence and control over her home environment through the provision of inclusive technology.

“This new technology has been absolutely fantastic; it has changed my life for the better”.

“It means that I’m more independent. I can set the blinds to go up and down whenever I want and don’t need someone to do it for me. My air conditioner can automatically be switched on day and night.

“When I go out, I can now come home to a nice cool or warm house with the lights on”.

Louise has control over her new modifications via several applications through her mobile phone, ensuring complete accessibility.

The Doorbird application allows Louise to monitor her doorbell camera and speaker. LIFX controls Louise’s blinds and lights, including their brightness levels. SENSIBO controls the voice sensors for Louise’s air-conditioning. Both of Louise’s televisions can be switched on and off through Siri, a virtual assistant on Louise’s mobile phone.

When Louise communicates with Google or Siri, these systems verbally communicate back to her to confirm commands.

The set-up of these modifications ensures that Louise has constant control of all essential features and appliances to help her maintain independence.

In-Home Housing and Stretchy Tech installed all the modifications. They also undertook training with Louise, so she had the knowledge and confidence to navigate these systems on her own.

Louise stated “you need to work out what supports and goals you have for the full year. This really helped me planning it out to allow me to have these modifications”.

“It’s made my life so much easier every day and has definitely enhanced my life more independently”.

Louise has a great support network around her, including staff from Enhanced Lifestyles, My Plan Manager and Support Coordination from the Growing Space.

Louise along with her Support Coordinator and Occupational therapist, collaborated to develop a letter outlining her needs and how this would assist her with maintaining independence.

“I’m very thankful for everyone who was involved in making these modifications to my home and life. I couldn’t be happier with how everything has developed and can’t wait for what’s in store next”.

There are future plans or Louise to have a heater installed in her bathroom, which will have remote control access. This will be the first time in Louise’s life that she will have a heater as part of her bathroom, which she is thrilled at the thought of.

That’s not all; in early June, Louise embarked on a holiday to Hahndorf for several days to explore the town and its rich historical culture. Louise’s Lifestyle Attendant accompanied her throughout the holiday, providing her with support and companionship.

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