COVID-19 Update – coronavirus restrictions are starting to be eased off

May 8, 2020
Australian states are beginning to ease off coronavirus restrictions following a three stage plan...

Australian states are beginning to ease off coronavirus restrictions following a three stage plan


Prime Minister Scott Morrison provided an update on COVID-19 restrictions on 8 May 2020. During this update, he unveiled a three-step plan agreed to by the National Cabinet.


Stage one:

Stage one of the plan will come into effect May 11 which will allow patrons to get a coffee at their local café and dine-in at restaurants. The maximum capacity of 10 people currently applies.  Educational institutes such as universities and TAFE will recommence face-to-face tutorials once again.

Once South Australia enters into stage one, individuals will be able to take part in boot camps and you’ll be able to invite up to five guests into your home. Outdoor Sports that involve fewer than 10 people will resume, and swimming pools will reopen Travel within the region will be allowed for work, employees may still work at home if it suits the employer.


Stage two:

From 8 June onwards, South Australia will enter stage two of the plan. This will see cinemas, theatres, gyms and fitness centres will reopen for trade.

The public gathering capacity will be increased to 20 people which will allow more businesses and venues to open once again.

Weddings will increase to 20 people; caravan parks and camping grounds will reopen to guests, complying with the 20-person capacity. The capacity for funerals will be increased to 50.



Stage three:

Stage three is one that hopefully all states reach by July, however, that will be dependant on the coming months with stage one and two.

This stage will see larger gatherings and licensed pubs, bars and nightclubs allow patrons through their doors. Stadiums and larger venues will also reopen to the public as well as casinos and gaming venues.

Interstate travel is expected to be operational by this time, however, some restrictions will still be in place.


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