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Meet our Lifestyle Attendants October 2023

Meet our Lifestyle Attendants

We should all be able to decide how we live our lives – where we choose to live, the dreams and goals we strive for, and who we share our time with. That’s why at Enhanced Lifestyles we try to pair you with a Disability Support Worker (or Lifestyle Attendant as we like to call them) who’s a great match for you.

We’re always on the lookout for new Lifestyle Attendants to support our customers. Scroll down to meet some of them, and if you see someone you’d like to get to know a little better, simply click on their picture. If you think one of these Lifestyle Attendants would be a great fit for you, please give our Service Delivery Officers a call on 8340 2000 to discuss your options.  

Meet Fiona Philpott

A woman with blonde hair in a black turtleneck.Locations I can provide support in:


Support I can provide:

Domestic, social support/community access, and assistance with self-care.

I can speak:


My favourite movies are Blade Runner 1 and 2, and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. I love all music – indie, techno, rock, classical, and jazz. My ideal day off involves a trip to the beach (and ice-cream!), a walk in a national park, watching some movies, and reading a book. I’m passionate about current affairs, reading, nature, and music.

Practical, kind, and curious.

Christopher Hitchens, Ru Paul, Emily Blunt, and Nelson Mandela.

To smell the signature scent of everything.

Shark cage diving, visiting Ethiopia, and seeing the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Meet Susan Eling

A woman wearing a red shirt and pearls.Locations I can provide support in:

All Adelaide metropolitan.

Support I can provide:

Domestic, social support/community access, and assistance with self-care.

I can speak:

Swahili – my native language, English – my second language, and Hebrew and French (just few words here and there). 

My favourite movies are Forrest Gump, Blood Diamond, Sally, Hereditary, 1917, All Quiet On The Western Front, and The Meg. I listen to afro bongo, hip hop, RnB, pop, and reggae music. The best way to spend a day off with by spending quality time with my family, going to the gym, or going for a walk with my husky.


I’m passionate about supporting those in need, doing charity work, creating awareness for HPV virus (women’s health), and advocating for people living with disability especially neuromuscular disease. 

Caring, honest, and kind.

Pranks and jokes.

ZARI the BOSSLADY (South African entrepreneur), Sally Tourist (YouTuber), H.E Prof. Dr Pauline Long (serial entrepreneur and philanthropist), Joshua Dan Oduor (Director of Stawisha African Initiative).  

Doing some philanthropy work, enhancing my skills, and learning new things every day.

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