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Meet our Lifestyle Attendants July 2023

Meet our Lifestyle Attendants

We should all be able to decide how we live our lives – where we choose to live, the dreams and goals we strive for, and who we share our time with. That’s why at Enhanced Lifestyles we try to pair you with a Disability Support Worker (or Lifestyle Attendant as we like to call them) who’s a great match for you.

We’re always on the lookout for new Lifestyle Attendants to support our customers. Scroll down to meet some of them, and if you see someone you’d like to get to know a little better, simply click on their picture. If you think one of these Lifestyle Attendants would be a great fit for you, please give our Service Delivery Officers a call on 8340 2000 to discuss your options.  

Meet Manoj Tuladhar

Locations I can provide support in:

North, North-East, and CBD.

Support I can provide:

Domestic, Social Support/Community Access, and Assistance with Self-care.

I can speak:

English, Nepali (Nepal’s national language), Newari (local Nepali language used by Newar people in Kathmandu Valley and other localities, and Hindi (Indian).

I like comedy, action and thriller movies. Some of my favourites are The Hangover, Rambo, Matt Damon’s Bourne Series, Shawshank Redemption, and Mad Max. I like rock, pop, country, some jazz, and some hip-hop and rap music. In my spare time, I like visiting new places, watching movies, spending time with my family, going on picnics, relaxing, and exercising, especially jogging, hiking, and bike riding. I’m passionate about travelling, animals, home and garden, helping people, family, food, reading books, music, and sports.


Helpful, reliable, and confident

Harmless pranks and jokes, also kids and friends.

My parents (both living but away), my wife, and my big brother (living but away too).

Healing people and taking away their pain.

Sky diving, seeing African Wildlife, visiting the Grand Canyon, visiting Europe, reaching Mount Everest base camp, and learning more languages.

Meet Carlton Hill

Locations I can provide support in:

All Adelaide.

Support I can provide:

Assistance with Self-care and Social Support/Community Access.

I can speak:


I have over 9000 movies, and I love Game of Thrones, The Office and Friends. My music tastes range from classical to pop to rock to metal to trance. I love playing video games and watching movies. My passions are space, science, and animals.

Dependable, honest, and larrikin.

Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Michio Kaku (they’re all physicists).

Strength – it would make life a lot easier.

To watch my grandkids grow up and get married.

Meet Gurinderjeet (Monty) Dhingra

Locations I can provide support in:

North, East, and CBD.

Support I can provide:

Domestic, Social Support/Community Access, and Assistance with Self-care.

I can speak:

English, Punjabi, and Hindi.

My favourite movies are Bollywood movies, but I do like some Hollywood movies. I love any love songs. On my days off, I like going for long drives and spending time with my family. I am passionate about my job.

Kind-hearted, honest, and responsible.

When my son does funny things.

I would prefer a superpower that makes me healthy and wealthy, so that I can make my family happy.

Settle in Australia, look after my family, have a good job, and live a good life.

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