Trudy is committed to mentoring and supporting individuals in the disability sector through her lived experience with a disability.

Trudy has been a dedicated Enhanced Lifestyles customer and Board Member since the association’s inception in 1990. Trudy’s Board term of over 30 years has been driven by her passion for maintaining Enhanced Lifestyles’ unique member-governed model, allowing customers with lived disability experience to drive decision making.

Trudy has also served on the Play Push and Powered Sport Boards.

Trudy’s passion has always been supporting others and forming meaningful connections, which is why she started her career as a junior secretary at the Paraplegic and Quadriplegia Association. Shortly afterwards, Trudy transitioned to SA Ambulance as a Customer Service Representative, a role that she was devoted to for 35 years before retiring in 2020.

Throughout her career, Trudy also dedicated her time to volunteering at summer camps where she would teach art and craft. Today, Trudy continues to volunteer for a kid’s club that she has supported for over 20 years.

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