Tom first began his Human Resource (HR) career in disability services. After this, he held roles in healthcare – both in a public and private capacity – and transport regulation, though he found his way back to disability in the end, joining the HR team at Enhanced Lifestyles!

After several years in the industry, Tom sees great potential for positive change. He believes that an engaged group of passionate people can make a real difference, so he enjoys collaborating with different parts of the business to drive impactful outcomes for everyone.

Tom’s proudest professional achievements revolve around empowering teams through periods of significant transformation, such as local and international Mergers and Acquisitions. While times like these can be a source of uncertainty and stress for the employees of an organisation, Tom leverages his expertise to equip leaders with the tools to effectively problem solve and support their people. With a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources Management) and a Diploma of Leadership, he is certainly well-placed to play this role.

Outside of work, you’ll find Tom enjoying the antics that come with being a father of three, reading, cycling, running (or trying to), and exploring coffee shops. He also runs an independent record label where he collaborates with artists on their record releases and works with them to organise tours.