Originally from Western Australia, Enhanced Lifestyles Board member Peter has had a successful career in the not-for-profit sector. He has a strong aptitude for leadership and is passionate about contributing to his community, making him a great fit with our Board.

Peter relocated to Adelaide in 2020 to take up the role of State Minister and CEO of Churches of Christ in South Australia and Northern Territory, a member-led movement of around 60 churches. Prior to this, he worked for Churches of Christ WA, World Vision Australia, and Riverview Church, where he led a team of 206 staff and volunteers in the delivery of a church program for 600 children. He was also the State Director and CEO of the Scripture Union of Western Australia, for which he is now a Board member.

Throughout his career, Peter has had the opportunity to facilitate growth and development for many churches, equipping them to better serve their communities.

Peter holds two degrees. The first is a Bachelor of Applied Science, Physiotherapy; the second is a Bachelor of Arts, Theology/Theological Studies. Driven by a desire to develop his knowledge and skills, he went back to university in 2013 to earn a Master’s degree in Theology/Ministry.