Nigel’s 45 years of experience in sales and marketing, Executive Management, and Board involvement in not-for-profit organisations across Australia and internationally make him a valuable member of the Enhanced Lifestyles Board. Not only is Nigel a skills-based member, his son is also our customer!

Throughout his career, Nigel founded and successfully managed several private companies in dental and radiographic imaging. He also has experience representing Australian healthcare suppliers and manufacturers working with the Federal Government, and has a proven track record of negotiation and advocacy within this context. All of Nigel’s previous roles have culminated in a strong awareness of regulations and policy.

After becoming familiar with our member-governed identity, ethics, and policies through his son’s supports, Nigel decided to apply to join our Member Advisory Group. From here, he saw great potential to add value to the Board and applied to join this instead. He hopes to use his tenure on the Board to add value to the governance of the organisation, advance our reputation, and contribute to the continuous improvement of our services.

Nigel values being a part of a member-governed organisation as it fosters collaboration. He enjoys coming together to connect ideas, lived experience, and cultures to make Enhanced Lifestyles even more customer-centred.