As a founding member of Enhanced Lifestyles, Maurice is obviously passionate about our organisation and its member-governed model. Watch the video below to hear from Maurice about how we came to be established.

Maurice served a four-year term as a Policy Advisor to the Disability Royal Commission. Before being appointed to this important role, he established the SA Community Visitor scheme and was the Principal Community Visitor. He has also served on a number of Boards of disability-run organisations, including the Physical Disability Council of Australia, and he was the inaugural Chair of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations.

Alongside his advocacy, Maurice enjoyed a diverse career, working as a social worker, policy advisor, and consultant. As such, he brings a cross-sectional awareness of disability at all levels of society.

A combination of all of this experience, plus his status as a founding member of Enhanced Lifestyles, make Maurice a valuable Board member. His priorities include ensuring the voices of customers are heard and acted on, supporting and empowering his peers, and fostering an even more open and transparent culture that learns from feedback and complaints.

Maurice believes that all organisations for people living with disability should have customers involved in the Board and decision-making. That’s why he’s so proud to sit on the Board of this unique organisation for the second time.

By now, you’d have gotten the impression that Maurice leads a busy life – and you’d be right – but as a semi-retiree, Maurice has a little bit of spare time that he enjoys spending down at the Semaphore Bowling Club.