This policy is to outline Enhanced Lifestyles’ commitment to providing its customers, their families and other external parties with a sound understanding of their right to be listened to, and to provide feedback on the services sought or undertaken by Enhanced Lifestyles.


This policy applies to all compliments, suggestions and complaints received from customers, their families and other external parties about Enhanced Lifestyles’ services.
This policy does not apply to any work-related grievance or complaints/feedback from one employee to another which is to be addressed using the applicable HR process.


If customers, their families and other external parties are dissatisfied with services being provided, they have the right to present those views, both formally and informally, and to seek to have the situation remedied.
A positive attitude towards complainants and a commitment to resolving complaints will create a noticeable improvement in Customer satisfaction.
Enhanced Lifestyles uses the Australian Open Disclosure Framework to provide an environment of open disclosure for managing and resolving Customer complaints.


The absence of a Feedback and Complaints Management Policy puts Enhanced Lifestyles at risk of not upholding the rights of its customers and employees and not being compliant with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018.

Policy Detail

Enhanced Lifestyles will create an environment where complaints and concerns, compliments and suggestions are welcomed and viewed as an opportunity for acknowledgement and improvement. This process is to ensure that individuals have the right to make complaints and are encouraged to exercise their right in a blame-free and resolution-focused culture, respecting an individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
It is acknowledged that comments and complaints are vital to review internal performance and processes and to develop continuous improvement of services as we seek to achieve our care commitment.

Customers, their families and other external parties may submit Complaints and Feedback regarding Enhanced Lifestyles’ supports, services, staff, or contractors. They can be provided information in Easy Read format if required.
It is our policy to follow the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice and comply with the requirements under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018.


Enhanced Lifestyles will:

  • give all feedback/complaints equal consideration without prejudice;
  • keep the system of making a complaint or providing feedback simple and provide assistance and support as required;
  • ensure access to the independent advocates in accordance with Q115 – Providing Customer Advocacy and Support Policy;
  • advise the complainant and all effected customers of their right to submit a complaint to the NDIS Commission or other appropriate body and provide any support required to do so;
  • treat all parties with respect, recognising that the issue raised is important to the person reporting it;
  • maintain confidentiality of parties involved, keeping identifying information of the complainant private while working with those directly involved in the matter and its resolution;
  • provide a process for anonymous feedback and complaints to be submitted and protect the anonymity of any complainant who wishes to remain anonymous;
  • resolve any issues raised in feedback or complaints, where possible, to the satisfaction of the complainant;
  • respond to and resolve all feedback and complaints in a timely manner and keep involved parties informed of all decisions made and actions undertaken in relation to the feedback or complaint;
  • keep parties to the feedback or complaint informed of progress in reaching a resolution;
  • ensure all employees, service users, members, other external parties and Board members are aware of the complaints policy and procedures;
  • ensure that a complainant, or customer affected by the feedback or complaint, is not penalised or adversely affected as a result of providing feedback or a complaint; and
  • ensure that feedback and complaint data (both positive and negative) is recorded and considered in organisational reviews and incorporated into the continuous improvement process.



A Complaint is an implied or express statement of dissatisfaction where a response is sought, reasonable to expect or legally required.


Complainant refers to any individual who submits a complaint/dispute or has any form of grievance with Enhanced Lifestyles.


Feedback is a compliment, criticism, comment or suggestion where a response is not sought, or not reasonable to expect.

Version 1.0 | Issue date: 16 May 2022