With her passion for people, infectious positivity, and business acumen, Angie is a great addition to the Enhanced Lifestyles Board.

After experiencing two strokes at the age of 29, Angie retired from her successful career. Being able to utilise her motivational, marketing, and rehabilitation skills in a Board capacity means a lot to her, not only because she can keep them sharp, but because she can apply them in her efforts advocating for her peers.

Angie believes her strokes changed her for the better, serving as a wake-up call to remind her about what’s truly important in life. She now enjoys genuine human connection, a reward she often finds at our customer events, and is fascinated by the life stories of her fellow customers. It’s this interest and passion that first led her to becoming a Member Advisory Group member, and now a Board member.

With her Board position, Angie hopes to strengthen our approach to training Lifestyle Attendants and matching them with customers, improving the inclusion and wellbeing of all. She believes that Enhanced Lifestyles has compassion, vision, and a sense of service, and that our member-governed model gives a voice to people who may otherwise be left behind.

In her spare time, Angie finds a lot of pleasure in the little things: cups of tea, stopping to smell the roses (literally – she’s an avid gardener), and watching birds play in the birdbath in her yard. She also loves spending time with family, friends, and her husband.

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