Community engagement plays a vital role in the lives of our members and customers. They have the right to decide how and when they participate within their community. By supporting existing opportunities for community engagement, as well as devising our own events and programs, we ensure their freedom of choice.

We had a great time at the Bartley Tavern in West Lakes Our customers were very happy with the variety and quality of the food, and the service was friendly.

Thanks to all who came along, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Two people sit at a table in a restaurant. The man on the left with gray hair and beard has arms crossed, and the woman on the right smiles. There are drinks, glasses, and menus on the table. A person sits at a table holding an envelope with "Congratulations" written on it, smiling. Other people are seated and engaging in activities in the background. Two women seated at a table, one wearing a blue sweater and scarf, the other in a red blazer with a leopard print scarf. A menu and some packets are on the table. Two elderly people sit at a table in a restaurant, smiling at the camera. Other diners are seen in the background, engaged in conversation. Two women are seated at a table inside a restaurant, smiling at the camera. Several other diners are seated in the background. A group of people sitting around a table at a restaurant, with drinks and menus in front of them. Two people sitting at a table in a casual dining setting, smiling at the camera. Other patrons are seated at tables in the background. Two women sit at a table with drinks and notebooks in front of them. One has long blonde hair and a Louis Vuitton bag on her lap, while the other has short brunette hair and wears a red-lined black jacket.