Community engagement plays a vital role in the lives of our members and customers. They have the right to decide how and when they participate within their community. By supporting existing opportunities for community engagement, as well as devising our own events and programs, we ensure their freedom of choice.

We had a very special afternoon at Roulettes Tavern. The food was excellent, there were a few welcome new faces, and Tim Baker, our CEO, joined us to celebrate his first year with Enhanced Lifestyles. It was a great day, and thank you so much to those who came along.

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A man and a woman are sitting at a dining table in a restaurant. The woman is in a wheelchair, wearing a purple sweater, and the man is wearing a gray hoodie. A mask and utensils are on the table.Two women are seated indoors, smiling at the camera. The older woman on the left wears glasses and a light pink cardigan; the younger woman on the right wears a purple top and a black jacket.Two people sitting at a restaurant table, smiling. The person on the left is wearing a patterned shirt, and the person on the right is making a peace sign with their fingers.Two women seated at a table, smiling towards the camera. One woman wears a black hoodie, and the other wears a colorful top with a necklace. They are indoors, with part of the dining setup visible.Two older men sitting at a dining table in a restaurant. One wears a green jacket and the other a blue and black shirt. Silverware and a glass with a straw are on the table in front of them.Two men are seated at a restaurant booth. The man on the left is in a gray suit, and the man on the right is wearing a patterned shirt with sunglasses hanging from it. A glass of dark beverage is on the table.Two women sitting side by side at a table with menus and cutlery in front of them, one wearing a striped shirt and the other wearing a floral shirt.