Our Former Chairperson, Phillip Beddall, was laid to rest on Friday 14 April 2023 at the Colonel William Light Memorial. This location, also known as Light’s Vision, was chosen to reflect the inspiring vision Phillip, like Colonel William Light, had for Adelaide.

“Phillip’s life was extraordinary, and the impact he had on South Australia remains immeasurable. A fierce advocate for people living with disability, Phillip’s legacy lives on in at Enhanced Lifestyles. The strength in his motto – Nothing about us without us – inspires all those who follow in his footsteps,” Trudy Gepp, Chairperson, Enhanced Lifestyles said.

Phillip Beddall’s achievements were extensive. He not only served as Chair for Enhanced Lifestyles, but for three other social advocacy organisations, and access advisory committees across Adelaide.

In the weeks before his passing, Philip was tirelessly campaigning for the City South tram stop to be made more accessible for people living with disability.

As the 2018 West Torrens candidate for the Dignity Party, Phillip advocated for the right to choose for everybody. He was a beloved host and mentor at Radio 5RPH, with a career in media and broadcasting spanning three decades.