Long-time Enhanced Lifestyles customer Kymberleigh is well-travelled, ambitious, and passionate about helping others through volunteer work. Kymberleigh is funny, friendly, and loves spending time with her family and her cat – and she’s working towards gaining employment in the disability sector so that she can contribute even more to the community!


Along with her five-year-old cat Ginger, Kymberleigh lives in her home with her mum in Adelaide and receives regular assistance from her committed Lifestyle Attendant, Jayde.

With Jayde’s support, Kymberleigh leads an active and social lifestyle. She especially enjoys shopping, catching up with friends, and visiting her local café for coffee and cake.

Kymberleigh cherishes her time with Jayde as it provides her with social companionship and a tailored support structure that perfectly accommodates her lifestyle.

“Jayde’s support the past two years has been amazing. No ask is too great, and her sense of humour makes her so fun to be around.”

Jayde shares the same sentiment, saying, “I feel privileged to be supporting Kymberleigh and seeing her smile, which also allows her amazing parents some respite and a chance to spend quality time together.”

Kymberleigh has also formed a strong and supportive working relationship with Cassie, her Support Coordinator. Cassie’s NDIS expertise has helped Kymberleigh achieve many of her goals.  

“I have watched Kymberleigh grow into someone who advocates not only for her own needs, but also for other people with disabilities,” Cassie says. “Rather than dwelling on difficulties she has faced, she has used her voice to raise awareness for people living with disabilities. 

Every week, the two chat over the phone about Kymberleigh’s goals, ambitions, and overall well-being. Thanks to Cassie’s person-centred approach, Kymberleigh feels more supported than ever. Importantly, she is empowered to have her say: a big part of Enhanced Lifestyles’ identity as an association is our customer-led model. Kymberleigh doesn’t shy away from sharing feedback and ideas to help make our services and events even more customer-centric; her input is always helpful, and we are so grateful for her commitment to enriching the customer experience for others.

Her desire to help others doesn’t end there. Inspired by her own lived experience, Kymberleigh makes a positive difference in the lives of people who are living with a disability by providing advice and leading by example to show that anything is possible.

After providing this informal mentorship for many years, Kymberleigh accumulated a great deal of knowledge and insight; she felt compelled to share it with more people and create a broader impact. To realise this dream, she set herself an exciting goal: to gain employment in the disability sector!

To make the transition into employment easier, she decided to develop her skills and enrolled in an online course through Me Plus More. Kymberleigh’s course is tailored for individuals with an intellectual disability, providing them with the tools to be job-ready.

I’m loving the course and its flexibility; I can study at my own leisure. I’m learning and growing more confident through each topic and can’t wait to start my career.

When she’s not studying, Kymberleigh volunteers her time for a Melbourne-based hospital. Putting her creative skills to good use, in partnership with her mum, she knits colourful baby blankets and coat hangers and sends them to the hospital. Thanks to her bubbly nature, she has forged strong bonds with other volunteers.
“I love doing my part for the community through a cause close to my heart; it brings me so much joy,” Kymberleigh says.

Kymberleigh is also an avid traveller, having taken many trips around Australia. She has even moved around to different capital cities, though she’s moved back to Adelaide to be closer to her family. Her favourite way to travel is on a cruise ship; she’s been on four cruises to date, three of which were on the Sun Princess. She especially loves cruises because the food is always fantastic and there’s plenty to do onboard the ship. She also loves getting to know the other passengers, building friendships with people from all walks of life on her travels.

Looking ahead, Kymberleigh aims to complete her studies by the end of the year so that she’s one step closer to obtaining employment. Of course, she also wants to continue cruising and is looking forward to her next cruise in March 2023.

The Enhanced Lifestyles Team is excited to continue supporting Kymberleigh as she pursues her goals and seizes every opportunity to live life to the fullest.

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