Why you should become an Enhanced Lifestyles Member

At Enhanced Lifestyles, we are proud to be a member-governed organisation – but what does this mean exactly?

Well, in short, it means that our customers can become members. Membership provides the opportunity to have voting rights on important decisions that will shape our future. Some members can nominate to actually sit on the Board to help govern the organisation on behalf of other customers that we serve.

Members also have the responsibility to elect new Board members, which helps us maintain a Board that is representative of our customers’ unique needs.

This membership structure ensures that our customers’ opinions and interests are present in everything we do, and that Enhanced Lifestyles staff are always operating with the customer in mind. It makes us a uniquely customer-centric organisation.

Becoming a member is a rewarding way to shape the future of our services and improve the lives of people with disability all over South Australia.

What are the membership options at Enhanced Lifestyles?

There are two types of membership with Enhanced Lifestyles: full membership and associate membership.

Let’s talk about full members first. Full membership entitles you to vote on important matters at General Meetings and you may nominate yourself (or be nominated by others) for a position on the Board. A full membership is hands-down the best way to have your voice heard and represent your peers in a meaningful way.

To become a full member, you must tick all of the following boxes:

  • You are a customer of Enhanced Lifestyles
  • You are aged 18 years or over at the time of applying to become a member
  • You agree with the objects of Enhanced Lifestyles

The other type of membership is associate membership. Associate Members also receive voting rights, and if an individual Associate Member possesses the right skills, they may be considered for a position on the Board. This is open to people who are aged 18 years and over who are:

  • Customers of Enhanced Lifestyles who do not wish to hold a Full Membership; or
  • Partners, relatives, or friends of Enhanced Lifestyles customers; or
  • Members of the community; and
  • Agree with the objects of Enhanced Lifestyles.

Organisations that are registered legal entities, based in or conduct business in South Australia, and support the work and the objects of Enhanced Lifestyles may also apply to be an Associate Member.

How to become an Enhanced Lifestyles Member

You can apply for the different types of membership with Enhanced Lifestyles on our membership form here.