We love supporting customers like Matthew (left) to explore new opportunities and interests they’re passionate about.


Upon joining Enhanced Lifestyles, Matthew had some goals he wanted to reach. This included expanding his knowledge and skills through life experiences and engaging in more social activities to meet new people.

Matthew has recently been involved with The Up the Hill Project at Flinders University, which provides opportunities for adults living with a disability to study.

The film industry has always been a passion of Matthew’s, which is why he chose to study subjects in film production. Matthew said, “I’m enjoying learning the concepts of filmmaking and studying alongside fellow classmates who live with a disability.”

Matthew is no stranger to film production either as he’s previously worked on the set of a local production filmed in Adelaide. This is where he found a real passion for the film industry and has been eager to explore it ever since.

Matthew also said, “I want to see more films that feature people living with a disability to promote inclusivity and encourage others to follow their dreams.”

Matthew’s Lifestyle Attendants have supported him every step of the way to reach his goals at university by accompanying him to the Flinders campus and around its grounds.

Once Matthew completes his film production course this year, he plans to study subjects on politics through The Up the Hill Project.

Matthew also enjoys meeting new people and engaging in social activities. To help him achieve this, Matthews’s passionate Lifestyle Attendants support him to attend our monthly Lifestyle Lunches in Adelaide. At these events, Matthew has formed new social connections and friendships with other customers of Enhanced Lifestyles.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to support Matthew achieve his goals at university and in the community as he leads his independent lifestyle.

If you’re looking for support to achieve your goals, get in touch with our friendly team on 8340 2000 or email us via contact us via this form.