We’re passionate about supporting customers like Anita, who is the sort of person who achieves anything she sets her mind to, letting no obstacles get in her way. This determination has helped her exceed in all areas of life including winning several gold medals at the Riverland Special Olympics, where she competed in the 10-pin bowling.

Anita is a passionate advocate for people living with a disability in the Riverland. Anita believes there’s not enough accessible transport options in the region, resulting in vulnerable people being stuck in their homes and unable to connect with the community.

Anita has strived to create awareness for her cause through countless radio and newspaper interviews; she said, “I’m happy to be the voice on behalf of those who can’t speak up.”

Anita has used this passion to make the Riverland Speedway in Old Calperum, where she volunteers, more accessible to people living with disability. Anita advocated for an accessible bathroom to be added to the facilities at the speedway and after months of persistence, Anita’s request was granted, making the venue fully accessible for visitors.

Anita is motivated to explore new ways that she can advocate for people living with a disability. A goal of Anita’s is to expand her knowledge of technology so she can start her own YouTube channel. On her channel, she plans to create a series of videos designed to create awareness for more accessible transport options and better facilities for people living with a disability in the Riverland.

At home, Anita is driven to learn new skills and have plenty of fun along the way. An activity that she’s been focusing on is gardening. With the support of her Lifestyle Attendant, she is learning new skills and is proud of how her garden looks.

Anita has a lot of fun getting creative in the kitchen when baking cookies and muffins with her Lifestyle Attendants. Looking ahead, Anita wants to expand her cooking skills as she leads her independent lifestyle.

Anita is really thriving by working alongside her Lifestyle Attendants; she said, “I love the freedom I have with my Lifestyle Attendants and the laughs we have together, they’re great to be around.”

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