The Board of Enhanced Lifestyles Incorporated are urgently seeking expression of interest from a member of the Association, who would be willing to be co-opted as a board member in the role of Secretary.

The co-opted Board Member will form part of the Executive Team until the next Annual General Meeting which is due to be held in November 2020. The successful applicant would then need to nominate to become a full Board Member at the AGM. This of course will be dependent upon restrictions around COVID-19.

The duties of the Secretary are as follows:

  • Reading and maintaining a register of correspondence and bringing it to the attention of the Board
  • Writing and sending all correspondence required by the Board
  • Keeping Members informed with notices of meetings, agendas, correspondence, and reports
  • Liaising with the Chairperson so the business of the Board is attended to
  • Maintaining and checking of the minutes (Board Support Officer in place to take minutes)

Board Support Officer assists the Secretary by:

  • Taking and recording minutes of all meetings
  • Maintaining all records
  • Some writing and sending correspondence required by the Board
  • Working with the Chairperson to arrange the Annual General Meeting
  • When necessary, to call extraordinary meetings

If you have secretarial skills and would be interested in joining the board of Enhanced Lifestyles, please contact Sharon Walker via or phone the office on 8340 2000.

Should you have questions about the roles and responsibilities of the secretary please don’t hesitate to email Chairperson of the Board Deb Clark via or call the office on 8340 2000 and they will arrange for Deb to call you back.

We also have 1 other vacancy available for a co-opted Core Board Member position and a Skill-Based Board Member position. If you would be interested in being a Board Member please also send in an expression of interest to Sharon Watkins at the above address.