Enhanced Lifestyles continues to strengthen its market position in a sector where many organisations are being challenged to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

The organisation has reinforced its position by achieving a financial surplus for the fourth consecutive year. Our effective financial management has facilitated a smooth transition to the NDIS, most notably by allowing Enhanced Lifestyles to maintain a strong focus on providing high quality flexible support to our Customers.

We have invested in new technologies and developed alternative revenue sources, provided substantial training to our employees, and engaged expert consultation in key areas such as market gap analysis, governance and strategy, marketing and communications, and development across our organisation.

Every year brings its own challenges. While we know the delay in the full rollout of the NDIS in South Australia has been disappointing for some Customers, Enhanced Lifestyles has used this time to learn from the issues and challenges that are affecting the industry. The organisation has embraced the opportunity to adapt and make changes that not only strengthen our position but ensure that our Customers have a significant level of support to transition to NDIS. Specific activities we have undertaken in this regard include preplanning meetings and assisting Customers with administrative appeals and reviewable decision.

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