With over 30 years of experience in learning and development, human resources, and accounts, Vicki has a strong working knowledge of all things training.

Working in the disability sector lets Vicki use her expertise to make a difference, which is absolutely her favourite part of the job. Her main responsibility is to ensure our Lifestyle Attendants access the right training, which means she plays an important part in improving the quality of the personalised supports provided to customers.

Vicki’s impact isn’t just limited to our services, however. By identifying and organising tailored learning opportunities that improve the safety, performance, and efficiency of staff, Vicki directly supports our Lifestyle Attendants to grow as professionals and maintain a competitive skillset. Having a dedicated Learning and Development Coordinator at Head Office is a huge advantage – Lifestyle Attendants can rely on Vicki to stay updated with compliance requirements and arrange training accordingly.

Having been fascinated by the democratic process for as long as she can remember, Vicki also works for the Australian Electoral Commission during election periods. She’s worked at many polling booths for federal, state, and council elections since she was a teenager, and one of her proudest achievements was running a council election from start to finish on her own!

Alongside her varied career, Vicki has raised four children. One of her greatest joys in life is seeing the strong bond between them now that they’re older.

Outside of work, you can find Vicki taking her new caravan out for a whirl, camping with family and friends. She also loves watching sport, especially when her kids are playing.