Supports delivered by our Lifestyle Attendants

You may be familiar with the term ‘disability support worker’ as common industry terminology. At Enhanced Lifestyles, we use the term Lifestyle Attendant to refer to our disability support worker and personal care providers. This is grounded in our customer-centred approach, reflecting the way our customers remain in control across their lifestyle choices.

Whether you’re regularly active in your community, require support at home, our Lifestyle Attendants are there to support you in a manner that’s based on your individual needs, goals, desires and preferences.

Live a connected lifestyle

So much of life happens outside of our homes, and Enhanced Lifestyles designs support to enable you to engage with all of it. Our Lifestyle Attendants are available in Adelaide, the Limestone Coast and Riverland. They offer support in accessing recreation and leisure activities, knowing just how important it is that our customers enjoy the events that matter to them most. Whether you’re obsessed with live music, can’t miss the next superhero movie at the cinemas, or have a regular appointment with your favourite nail technicians, we’ll be there to support you in making the most of every day.


Assistance for all events and activities

Our Lifestyle Attendants provide support in attending both family events and leisure activities – providing the physical and emotional support that suits you, as you maintain complete control of your social calendar.

Choose the level of service you prefer and work with a Lifestyle Attendant that you would love to have on your team. We place great priority on matching customers with Lifestyle Attendants who best suit their personality and interests. Need someone to cheer along with you at the next AFL match? We’ve got a Lifestyle Attendant who’s perfect for the task!

Make the most of transport assistance to reach your appointments, run errands, attend work or school, or make the most of the sunshine on a beautiful day. Depending on your goals, we can also work with you to access public transport and increase your independence.

Our Lifestyle Attendants are ready to support you with domestic assistance, handling a range of tasks so you can maintain an independent lifestyle within a clean, comfortable, and rewarding home environment.

We follow your direction in designing a service that’s suited for your specific needs. Our Lifestyle Attendants are trained to complete tasks the way you like them done, leaving you fully in the driver’s seat when it comes to the maintenance of your home and lifestyle. By keeping your home well-maintained, you’ll be ready for friends and family to drop by and to enjoy the space every day.

We can assist you with:

  • Regular assistance with daily household cleaning
  • Vacuuming, mopping, laundry ironing and other household tasks as necessary
  • Cleaning windows
  • Changing lightbulbs

We all know the value of a home-cooked meal. Healthy meals are the foundation on which our days begin, giving us valuable energy to continue with our daily lives. Our Lifestyle Attendants bring culinary skills to the table so your dietary needs can be met with food prepared just the way you like it.

As well as meal prep, our Lifestyle Attendants work with you to prepare shopping lists and go on regular grocery trips. This leaves full control of your meals in your hands, enabling you to control the process from the grocery store through to dinner fresh out of the oven.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one assistance to create a satisfying meal plan or expand your recipe list, our Lifestyle Attendants will bring their person-centric support approach right into the heart of your home.

Our Lifestyle Attendants are committed to providing for all kinds of complex care needs. They work through a clinical training program, so they’re equipped with knowledge and confidence to meet your everyday healthcare needs and the demands of your daily life.  Our Lifestyle Attendants are available in Adelaideacross the Limestone Coast and Riverland.

Our focus is on keeping our customers in the driver’s seat. You’re in control of your care, your goals, and the way your needs are met by our respectful team. We work together to maximise choice and control so you can maintain an independent lifestyle of your choice.

In action, we design a plan that includes regular clinical assessments and develop intentional strategies to improve your health, well-being and quality of life.

Whatever you love about your personal routine, our Lifestyle Attendants are equipped to make sure you feel your very best. Our Lifestyle Attendants are skilled in all areas of personal care. Our team works with you to develop regular personal hygiene routines that are tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences. They’re focused on how important the little details are in making sure each of our customers are supported in their everyday activities.

Our person-centred approach means that no two personal care routines are the same, keeping each of our customers firmly in control and empowered throughout the process.

Whether it’s assistance from early in the morning as your day begins, choosing the perfect outfit, regular toileting, manual handling or more, our focus is on supporting our customers so they can move through their day fresh, comfortable and fully empowered to feel like themselves. Each element of our support is grounded in delivering respectful, dignified outcomes as you get ready for the day ahead.

No matter the time of day, our Lifestyle Attendants are ready to provide dignified, person-centric support.

In-home respite care is specifically designed to provide necessary breaks for you, your family and your carer so they’re refreshed and can continue to provide their highest level of care. Enhanced Lifestyles is committed to providing holistic support that enriches not only your life, but that of your wider support network.

Our Lifestyle Attendants provide support in all areas of personal and domestic needs. We’re able to provide sleepover shifts, so there’s a friendly and familiar face available for 24/7 support in the comfort of your own home.

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