COVID-19 Update

November 21, 2020
Although restrictions are being eased, we have measurements in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people

We have additional measurements in place despite the easing of restrictions



COVID-19 Management Procedure

We have included our COVID-19 Management Procedure which is up to date with the most recent information, the procedure covers the following key topics:

  • Reporting symptoms of COVID-19
  • Notifying the NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Commission
  • Use of PPE
  • In home services
  • Customer transport
  • Day Options
  • Supported independent living
  • Essential services for infected Customer
  • Documentation

Click here to access the COVID-19 Management Procedure 


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

PPE assists in preventing germs from spreading, minimising the risk of COVID-19. When using PPE, it must be clean, hygienic and in good condition. Please make sure that you have the correct sizing and the fit is comfortable. It’s important to remember that PPE cannot take the place of other, more effective control and preventative measures, such as regular hand hygiene for everyday tasks.

We have notified all Lifestyle Attendants that one box of gloves can be provided to them upon request for personal care purposes (i.e. when providing services that involve bodily fluids). This is to manage stock levels and allows us to provide an adequate amount to Lifestyle Attendants that provide supports to vulnerable Customers. Hand sanitiser is also available for Lifestyle Attendants and Customers to assist with hand hygiene.

Previously we announced that our stock levels of masks were low and could only provide them to Lifestyle Attendants that support Customers who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Since then, we have received additional stock of masks which are available for Lifestyle Attendants when providing supports to Customers.

Customers are to liaise with Lifestyle Attendants on their team and/or the office about them wearing PPE. If they like their Lifestyle attendant to wear PPE, please notify them to do so. Please read below about how Lifestyle Attendants can acquire PPE to keep in the Customers home.

Lifestyle Attendants, is Customers requests that you wear a mask and gloves when providing supports, please ensure you meet this request. Customers have the right to complete choice and control over their services; if you do not have masks/gloves, please read below about how to acquire PPE.
Acquiring PPE

We will provide the following collection and delivery options for you to choose from:


Collection by a Lifestyle Attendant/individual 

A Lifestyle Attendant can collect masks, gloves and hand sanitiser from the office by arranging an appointment in advance. The designated person collecting the gloves/sanitiser is required to sign the sign-off sheet before leaving the premises for tracking purposes.  


Express Post

Masks, gloves and hand sanitiser can be sent via Express Post to your address.


Home Delivery

Masks, gloves and hand sanitiser can be delivered to your address via courier by prior arrangement. Please contact Debra Anderson, Corporate Services Assistant on 8340 2000 or via and advise the collection/delivery method you wish to choose.
NDIS prevention and control measures – including PPE

The NDIS have provided up to date information on providers and participants in having access to PPE. This outlines how NDIS participants can recover a certain amount of money per week to purchase PPE items using their NDIS funding.

Please follow the link here for more information
Our COVID-19 Response

In previous correspondence, we announced our business decision to keep our current COVID-19 action plan in place for the next 11 days (from today). This is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people. Please see below some key points:


  • We kindly ask that Customers limit community access where possible. We can support Customers to the shops for groceries; however, we would like to minimise this where possible. Lifestyle Attendants can visit the shops on behalf of Customers to obtain essential items.
  • If Customers have necessary events/appointments they need to attend, we will assist them with this.
  • There will be 3 Lifestyle Attendants rostered between 7 am – 12 midnight each day to cover emergency shifts when required. This is if staff have been required to isolate or are unable to do shifts.
  • We will have dedicated Lifestyle Attendants available to deliver PPE equipment if Customers/staff are low on supply.
  • We have actively reduced staff travel between Customers in different regions/suburbs to minimise risk, rosters have been modified to ensure this.
  • We are working to towards reducing times where Lifestyle Attendants are travelling to multiple Customers.
  • Lifestyle Attendants are to use PPE wherever required, e.g. providing supports to vulnerable Customers with respiratory conditions.
  • We have increased our communication with all Customers by conducting check-in calls to ensure they are receiving the support they require during these times. All Customers will be contacted via phone call throughout the 11-day period.
  • Our team of employees has previously completed the online COVID-19 Infection Control course and are required to again. This is to refresh their knowledge and and best assist Customers during these times.


We feel it’s important to keep this message consistent for you during the next 11 days so that you remain healthy and safe. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these challenging times. This week has been a testing time for all, with the landscape moving very quickly with new changes.

As always, we are here for you if you have questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us on (08) 8340 2000 if you require additional support or need to a listening ear.


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