Have you caught the podcast bug yet?

Podcasts are a fantastic way to add ideas, entertainment, learning and relaxation into your day. Not only are podcasts available from a wide range of storytellers and individuals, but they also enrich moments in our days, like travelling, chores, errands, or winding down for the evening. 

It’s no surprise, then, that one genre continues to expand in the podcast landscape: mental health. Podcasts about mental wellbeing provide unique platforms for discussing and exploring all kinds of mental health experiences and often provide insights, guidance, or personal stories that can be beneficial to a listener.

If you’re looking for a new way to support your own mental health journey, turning to trusted podcasts can be a great way to expand your resource pool. Whether you’re in search of practical management strategies, inspiration for personal growth, or a sense of connection through shared experiences, there’s a podcast for you.

We’ve rounded up some of the top mental health podcasts available to give you fuel for your listening journey.

1. All in the Mind

All in the Mind is a podcast from ABC Australia, presented by Sana Qadar. Its logline is ‘All in the Mind is an exploration of the mental: the mind, brain and behaviour – everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.’ 

This long-running weekly show explores a wide range of mental health and process considerations, including social behaviour, creativity, emotions, dreaming, and more. By combining science with real-world personal stories and interviews, you’ll find both education and entertainment as it increases its listeners’ awareness about multiple aspects of the human condition. 

You can find all episodes of this podcast here.

2. The Mindful Kind

The Mindful Kind, created and hosted by Rachael Kable, has enjoyed many high-tide moments in the Australian iTunes charts. With bite-sized episodes around 10 minutes long, this podcast may be the perfect addition to your morning routines, giving you a fresh insight into mindfulness and how it can be cultivated in your own life.

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Certificate in Coaching and Counselling and has experience as a Helpline volunteer at the Anxiety Recovery Centre. Recent episodes include topics such as perfectionism and self-sabotage, tips for healthier relationships, meditations for busy minds and how to make choices that feel right for you.

Find more of Rachael’s work and experience The Mindful Kind for yourself here.

3. The Anxiety Podcast

The Anxiety Podcast is hosted by Tim JP Collins, who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, and now supports others in recovering from the same. Each week, Tim interviews people with relatable stories in an interview format that’s raw, grounded and accessible. He also shares skills and coping strategies that can be put into use in your own life, giving you key takeaways alongside these personal and wide-ranging insights.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s focused on the management of anxiety, head to The Anxiety Podcast to discover it for yourself. 

4. The Imperfects

This Australian podcast is hosted by Hugh van Cuylenburg, Ryan Shelton and Josh van Cuylenburg. 

Working on the premise that we’re all imperfect, Hugh (founder of The Resilience Project), Ryan and Josh talk to a range of people who are willing to share vulnerably about their own struggles and imperfections. The hosts then discuss valuable takeaways that we can all apply to our own lives, making these podcast episodes rich, insightful and applicable.

Keen to have a listen? Find The Imperfects here

5. The ADHD Women’s Wellbeing Podcast

This podcast can be a powerful support for women living with ADHD. Its synopsis states: 

‘Are you ready to feel healthier, calmer and more balanced with your ADHD? Do you need help getting your emotional health, lifestyle and health on track but not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’re newly diagnosed with ADHD and need some insights and perspectives on how you can turn your life around following this new discovery?’

If your answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, it may be time for you to get to know the podcast’s host, Kate Moryoussef, who has conversations with global experts, thought leaders and professionals about ADHD and women’s wellbeing.

Find The ADHD Women’s Wellbeing Podcast here and enjoy deep-diving with Kate into all kinds of management approaches and lifestyle strategies for navigating daily life with an ADHD diagnosis.

Other ways you can support your mental health

While podcasts can be a great source of mental health support, there are numerous other ways you can continue to support the quality of your mental health and well-being. These include:

  • Maintaining a balanced lifestyle: this is a crucial part of any positive mental health foundation. Incorporating strong habits such as a nutritious diet (here’s our guide to reading nutrition labels), getting regular exercise, spending time in nature (we’ve got guides for both summer and winter!), and protecting the quality of your sleep is integral to giving your mind and body the fuel it needs for ongoing health and wellness.
  • Make the most of stress management techniques: while stress is a common part of life, chronic stress can have a significant impact on mental health. Various stress management techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, journaling, art therapy or time in nature can all help to reduce stress levels and improve your mental health as a result.
  • Draw on professional help: if you’re experiencing ongoing or severe mental health challenges, it’s important to seek professional support. Therapists and counsellors can all play a key role in supporting your mental health quality, providing valuable guidance, treatments and tools on your continued journey.


The quality of our mental health is important to each and every one of us. For individuals living with disability and for their carers, finding tools to support ongoing positive mental health can be a great way to build resilience and individual capacities.

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