Our amazing team of Lifestyle Attendants includes passionate people from all walks of life, and the diversity of their professional skills may surprise you. Huong Le is no exception, and she loves being able to combine her skillset in beauty with her role as a Lifestyle Attendant. 

Huong’s Story

Huong Le became a Lifestyle Attendant for the same reason that many of her colleagues did: she wanted to make a difference.

Before Huong joined the Enhanced Lifestyles team, she worked in beauty. While beauty is very much a different field in terms of the duties performed, Huong finds some similarities in the underlying motivation for the professionals in both. It’s all about helping people to live their best lives.

As a beautician, Huong owned her own salon and worked part-time in another. Of course, she was loving working in beauty, but she wanted to explore another way to contribute to peoples’ wellbeing. After some research, Huong set her sights on disability support work, certain she’d find the fulfilment she was seeking.

To make her goal a reality, Huong studied a Certificate IV in Disability Support and started looking for work. One day, she walked past the Enhanced Lifestyles office and decided to drop a resume in. The rest is history, and this chance encounter has led to some amazing outcomes!

While she was providing in-home supports, Huong’s customers recognised her expertise and asked her about her background.

“Being recognised for my skills made me feel very proud of what I do,” Huong says.

Huong loves when customers ask her to integrate some of her skills into the morning routine. The resulting supports are highly personalised and boost the customer’s confidence and self-expression. As a seasoned beautician, Huong knows the importance of both of these things.

“I love being able to provide my customers with supports that make them feel good about themselves. When you look good, you feel good,” she says.

Huong loves that she can help her customers feel their best for the day ahead, regardless of if they’re spending the day at home, going to work, or going out into the community.

“There’s something wonderful about looking your best. I love that I can use my skills to bring that feeling of confidence to my customers,” she says.

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