From Michelle’s very first meet and greet with Lifestyle Attendant Sharon, she knew she wanted her by her side throughout her NDIS journey. Since then, they’ve achieved several important goals together. 

As a diabetic, Michelle wanted to improve her diet. Sharon helped her research suitable recipes and develop a meal planner. These projects sparked Michelle’s interest in cooking, but more on that later. 

With the meal planning working wonders, Michelle’s next goal was to improve her budgeting. She and Sharon worked out a weekly expense plan to help her pay for bills and everyday items, as well as contribute to her savings consistently. 

On a roll now, Michelle decided to tackle another goal: getting out and about. She always felt a little nervous in crowded places, but with Sharon by her side, her confidence grew drastically. Nowadays, she doesn’t feel uneasy in busy settings – in fact, she loves shopping days with Sharon and is now a regular attendee of our Lifestyle Lunches.  

“I’d be lost without Sharon,” Michelle says. “She’s been my rock and she’s helped me with so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.” 

Motivated by her growing independence, Michelle connected with Support Coordinator Everly. Together, they developed new goals based on Michelle’s interests.  

Michelle wanted to improve her culinary skills, so Everly found inclusive cooking classes through Home Fresh Experience Cooking. Needless to say, Michelle was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get started. With Sharon’s support, she didn’t miss a single class, all the while experimenting with increasingly complex recipes, cooking techniques, and new cuisines.  

“I’ve loved learning new and different recipes. As I’m diabetic, understanding the benefits of cooking with artificial sugar compared to normal sugar has been really helpful for my diet,” Michelle says. 

Michelle even made a cookbook with the recipes she learned. She practices them at home, and once she’s mastered a recipe, she’ll cook it for her family and Sharon. Not only has she mastered new skills, but Michelle has also formed new friendships with the chefs and her classmates. 

“The chefs and students are fun to work with,” Michelle says. “Everyone is so supportive, and they always encourage me to do my best. I feel like I can achieve anything.”  

The cooking classes have unlocked Michelle’s creative side, and she wants to try an arts and crafts program next. Trying new things is such a positive development for Michelle, and Everly is pleased with the progress she’s made.  

“I’m proud to see Michelle happy and determined to keep growing,” Everly says. 

Sharon is similarly impressed and reflects fondly on her time supporting Michelle. 

“I’ve loved every minute of supporting Michelle to get out there and try new things,” Sharon says. “When Michelle sets a goal, I want to do everything I can to help her to achieve it.” 

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