We love hearing about the achievements of our customers and how inspired they are to make the most of each day. Today, we’re delighted to share Amanda’s story and how she is driven to live life how she chooses.

There were complications during Amanda’s birth, which resulted in her being delivered with brain damage. Despite living with her disability her entire life, it’s never stopped Amanda from doing what she loves, which is connecting with other people.

During her younger years, Amanda was a keen netball player. She flourished in team environments where she enjoyed many successes and friendships along the way. Amanda worked for the Big Issue, the Advertiser, and preparing show bags for the Royal Adelaide Show. She has thrived in roles where she could meet and chat with new people each day.

Amanda has been receiving support from Enhanced Lifestyles since 2020. Amanda couldn’t wait to work alongside fun and friendly people that wanted her to thrive in life. After several meet and greets, Amanda formed a team of enthusiastic Lifestyle Attendants with whom she has developed a great working relationship. Since being supported by her team, Amanda has developed a well-rounded routine at home, allowing her to spend more time focusing on her goals and passions in the community.

Upon receiving support, Amanda set herself an important goal: to develop meaningful connections with fellow customers. To achieve this, Amanda regularly attends Enhanced Lifestyles’ monthly Lifestyle Lunches with the support of her Lifestyle Attendants. Amanda said, “I love everything about the lunches, especially the amazing people I’ve gotten to know who I am lucky to call my friends.”

Since Amanda was young, she has always enjoyed listening to music and going to live shows. At these shows, Amanda developed a keen interest in wanting to perform through music. This interest soon turned to be a passion of Amanda’s as she landed the role of lead singer in a rock and roll band called The Outsiders. This has been a real highlight in Amanda’s life, which she has fond memories of looking back. Amanda’s Lifestyle Attendants will often accompany her on nights out to live gigs and shows around Adelaide so she can remain connected with her lifelong passion for music. Amanda’s team is completely committed to seeing her smiling and living life to the fullest. They have just as much fun as she does when they’re supporting her, especially when Amanda is keen for a karaoke session. Reflecting on her Lifestyle Attendants, Amanda said, “They always brighten my day and give me the confidence to get out and try new things; particularly Faieq who supports me regularly each week, we have so many laughs together.”

Looking ahead, Amanda wants to increase her skills by enrolling in weekly cooking classes, where she’ll learn to prepare nutritious meals to lead a healthy lifestyle. Amanda also has her sights set on finding an art & craft group to be involved with where she can apply her creative mind and meet new people.

Amanda’s confidence to explore these new opportunities shows just how driven and supported she feels to live life how she chooses. The Enhanced Lifestyles Team is proud to see Amanda so empowered in pursuing her aspirations and are excited to support her into the future.

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