Michelle joined the Enhanced Lifestyles Team in 2020 as a Support Coordinator. She is based in the Riverland.

For Michelle, support coordination satisfies her desire to help people live meaningful lives. The most rewarding part of her role is empowering her customers to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential – something that she excels at after 17 years of experience in the human services field.

Before becoming a Support Coordinator, Michelle worked within the child protection sector, supporting parents and caregivers who were facing complex issues. She has also worked as a drug and alcohol counsellor with both residential and outpatient clients. Her experiences have equipped her with the skills to identify opportunities for positive change and build strong trust with her customers.

Outside of work, Michelle has many hobbies, and she is passionate about sustainability. She has recently renovated her home herself, learning DIY skills and experimenting with upcycling to create a unique space. Family is important to Michelle, with four children and six grandchildren that she loves spending time with. She is also interested in gardening and finds that learning to grow her own food is very relaxing.