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QF115K Service Agreement - NDIS with Safeguards

This Service Agreement is made for the purpose of providing agreed supports as specified herein.

Glossary of Acronyms

EL: Enhanced Lifestyles
NDIS: National Disability Insurance Scheme
NDIA: National Disability Insurance Agency


The Service Agreement is for the purpose of engaging services between the following parties:



Customer/Client’s Representative on behalf of Customer/Client (as stated above)


Enhanced Lifestyles, represented by

This Service Agreement will commence on and end on . This Service Agreement will remain in place for the duration of your NDIS plan. Where an NDIS plan has finished, a review has taken place and a new NDIS plan is yet to be received by the customer, this Service Agreement will remain in place for that period of time until a new NDIS plan is provided to the Customer/Client. Until such time, all terms and conditions of this Service Agreement must be abided by. When the Customer/Client receives their new NDIS plan, the Customer/Client is required to provide EL with (at a minimum) the required billing information as well as sign a new Service Agreement to ensure continuity of services.

Billing Information

Please ensure the following information is correct. All bills will be emailed unless an email address is not supplied.

The way my bills are paid is by:

Terms of Payment

  • EL will seek payment for their provision of supports after the Customer/Client receives services.
  • EL will seek payment from the Customer/Client, or representative or NDIS within 14 days of delivering the service.
  • Payment for services delivered are expected within 14 days of issuing the invoice.
  • Bank account details: BSB 035-010; Account 192333 – please enter your invoice number as the reference number to ensure payments are tracked correctly.
  • EL takes no responsibility for lost payments due to incorrectly entering payment details and reserves the right to chase up all payments if not received correctly.
  • EL reserves the right to adjust their rates as necessary, giving 14 days notice to the Customer/Client.
  • A Service Activity report will be provide to all participants who are Self-Managed along with the invoice which details all individual charges. Plan Managed and Portal Managed participants can request a copy of their Service Activity at any time if required and request for one to be send on a fortnightly basis. Any discrepancies with the Service Activity need to be reported to the Billing Team as soon as possible

NDIS Details

EL supports Customers/Clients right to privacy and as such understands that people have the right to choose which information they provide. Please be aware that if you are NDIA Agency Managed, we do require at a minimum your NDIS number, plan start and review date and your date of birth to be able to submit invoices for payment within the NDIS portal.

Please speak to one of our Customer Relations Officers if you have any concerns or require further clarification about the information required.

Date of Birth:

NDIS Number:

Plan start date:

Plan review date:

Whilst it is not compulsory EL strongly encourages the Customer/Client to provide a copy of their NDIS plan

The Customer/Client agrees to allow EL to discuss billing issues with NDIS on your behalf from the commencement of service provision for the duration of this agreement

The Customer/Client agrees to allow EL to claim an establishment fee from NDIS for Customers/Clients who are new NDIS participants

The Customer agrees to allow EL on your behalf to contact the NDIS regarding your plan and permission to obtain a copy including if an appeal is required

The Customer/Client agrees to allow EL on your behalf to contact your Plan Manager regarding your service

The Customer/Client agrees to allow EL on your behalf to contact your Support Coordinator regarding your service

Opt Out

The Customer/Client wishes to opt out of sharing their plan goals with EL

The Customer/Client wishes to opt out of their plan goals being monitored and reported on by EL

The Customer/Client wishes to opt out of the NDIA viewing their customer file and contacting them during an audit

The Customer/Client wishes to opt out of using a physical Communication Book

The Customer/Client wishes to opt out of having a care plan and associated clinical charts within the home

The Customer/Client wishes to sign up as a Member of Enhanced Lifestyles

Complex Health Care

Please indicate any high intensity daily personal activities that you require us to provide you as a part of your supports:


The Customer is only supported by a single Lifestyle Attendant and understanding the risks factors involved wishes to only have a single Lifestyle Attendant.

Please indicate which risk factors apply to the Customer:

The Customer also understands that their choice to only have a single Lifestyle Attendant requires that Enhanced Lifestyles create a plan with the Customer with the following safeguards as required by the NDIS:

  • Regular wellbeing checks to ensure that the supports as described in this Service Agreement and accompanying documentation are being implemented and that the Customer is satisfied with the services, their quality, and their frequency.
  • Regular supervision of the performance of our Lifestyle Attendants to ensure their services are consistent with this service agreement and EL policies and procedures regarding safety and the Customers wellbeing. This will include visits to the Customer home to conduct in person supervision.
  • How often these checks and supervision take place and the method by which they are conducted is agreed upon in a monitoring and supervision plan with the Customer.
  • As far as practical for the Customer and EL these will be conducted face to face with the Customer.

Communicating and Reporting

EL are required by the NDIS to make records about the services we provide, these are called Progress Notes. Progress Notes link our services and progress to the Customer NDIS plan, goals and individual strategies agreed upon between the Customer, the NDIS and EL as your service provider.

Progress Notes and other record keeping strategies also allow EL to help protect our Customers from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination by helping us identify when things are going wrong.

There are a number of tools we may use to support our record keeping, such as:

  • A Communication Book
  • Medication Charts
  • Documentation of verbal conversations and correspondence

Customers have the right to view the personal information we record about their services.

Selection of Lifestyle Attendants

In determining the appropriate Lifestyle Attendants to support the Customer consideration will be made to the:

  • Complex health care supports indicated above
  • Individual support plan
  • Customers expressed preferences and needs

Based upon these criteria we will select or recruit for the Customer potential Lifestyle Attendants with the appropriate qualifications and training. These Lifestyle Attendants will have to attend a meet & greet with our Customer which will allow them an opportunity to become acquainted and during which they may assess the Lifestyle Attendant by their own criteria. EL support the Customer to have complete choice on who is best suited to support them as their Lifestyle Attendant.

Schedule of Supports

  • The Customer/Client’s support areas and budget allocations are documented in the budget which has been made in consultation with the Customer/Client. This is automatically created for all NDIA Portal Managed Customers/Clients. Plan Managed and Self-Managed Customers/Clients have the opportunity to request a budget however to provide Customers/Clients with choice and control over their financial management, is not enforced by EL.
  • EL agrees to provide the Customer/Client supports as set out in the attached budget document from the start date to the end date of the service agreement.
  • Any changes required to be made within the budget (i.e. at the Customers/Clients request or due to pricing changes) will act as changes to the schedule of supports. Funds will then be re-locked accordingly.
  • All prices are not GST inclusive (if applicable) and include the costs of providing the supports.
  • Additional expenses are the responsibility of the Customer/Client and are not included in the cost of the supports. These costs include but are not limited to toilet paper, paper towel, gloves (please see next dot point for further information) straws and cleaning products
  • Gloves or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be provided directly to Lifestyle Attendants/Support Workers and not provided to Customers/Clients. EL are responsible for the safety of employees by providing PPE and gloves plus universal precautions should be used during the delivery of supports where employees come into contact with bodily fluids. Any gloves or PPE which is requested by the Customer/Client to be used for non-body contact supports i.e. food handling or domestic must be provided by the Customer/Client. Customers/Clients can apply for and receive funding for gloves and PPE for Lifestyle Attendants/Support Workers within the consumables budget (core supports)
  • EL reserves the right to amend or adjust pricing schedules at any time in line with any review or changes within the NDIS pricing schedule.

Skills development activities

Skills development activities are provided when EL is engaged by the Customer/Client to provide non face to face support to assist Customers/Clients to effectively access services.

Any activities provided will be billed to the most appropriate support item. Skills development can include but is not limited to:

  • Assisting the Customer/Client to develop a plan to build their capacity within their supports
  • Clinical support plans
  • Report writing including NDIS reporting and reports required for other service providers
  • Assistance with pre-planning including collating documentation before the meeting
  • Any other activity, which is non face to face, and is requested, for example assistance with organising disability related activities or products required

EL will not charge for rostering and other administration support as per non face to face guidelines. Any skills development activities will be discussed and approved by Customer/Client prior to them being delivered and billed for.


Transport costs incurred whilst a Lifestyle Attendant provides service are not covered within the hourly charge and will be invoiced as additional charges. Transport will be charged at $0.85 per kilometre. Lifestyle Attendants will claim for this expense by providing EL with vehicle logs detailing the kilometres travelled.

Responsibilities of EL

EL agrees to:

  • Once agreed, provide supports that meet the Customer/Client’s needs at the Customer/Client’s preferred times.
  • Communicate openly and honestly and in a timely manner.
  • Seek Customer/Client consent for release of personal information or involvement in any EL managed event or activity.
  • Treat the Customer/Client with courtesy and respect.
  • Respect the Customer/Client’s rights to choice and control of their services and their dignity of risk.
  • Consult the Customer/Client on decisions about how supports are provided.
  • Assign suitable Lifestyle Attendants/Support Workers that meet the Customer/Client’s requirements were possible. (e.g. cultural diversity, interest mapping, fluent in preferred languages, matching required skills, etc.)
  • Keep the Customer/Client informed of the management of feedback and complaints.
  • Listen to the Customer/Client’s feedback and resolve in a timely manner.
  • Give the Customer/Client a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if EL wish to end the Service Agreement. (see ‘Ending this Service Agreement’ below for more information.)
  • Protect the Customer/Client’s privacy and confidential information.
  • Provide supports in a manner consistent with all relevant laws and keep accurate records on the supports provided to the Customer/Client.
  • Provide up to date information and statements on the supports delivered to the Customer/Client as well as their budgetary position.

Responsibilities of Customer/Client or Representative

The Customer/Client’s representative agrees to:

  • Inform EL about how they wish the supports to be delivered to meet the Customer/Client’s needs.
  • Accept responsibility for their choices and actions under dignity of risk.
  • Notify EL for any withdrawal of consent in writing for the release of any personal information or involvement in any EL managed event or activity.
  • Notify EL immediately of any changes to or reviews of their NDIS Plan.
  • Minimum engagement of 1 hour of service. Where a service is less than 1 hour, 1 hour will still be charged to the Customer/Client.
  • Standard business roundingwill be applied in 15-minute increments which equals 0.25.
  • Treat EL and its employees with respect and dignity.
  • Communicate with EL if the Customer/Client has any concerns about the supports being provided.
  • Give EL a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if the Customer/Client cannot make a scheduled appointment; and if the notice is not provided by then, EL cancellation policy may apply.
  • Give EL the required 14 days’ notice if the Customer/Client needs to end the Service Agreement (see ‘Ending this Service Agreement’ below for more information).
  • Pay all invoices within 14 days of receiving services.

Rights of Customer

  • Have choice and control over which services they select and who provides those services
  • Provide feedback about the services received from EL
  • Obtain independent advice and support regarding services they are receiving or intend to receive.
  • Fair, equal access to services from EL, without the experience of discrimination.
  • When a service is not able to be provided by EL, have the support from EL to make contact with another support provider

EL will ensure:

  • The safety of individuals at all times during the provision of services
  • Support Coordinators will treat Customers with respect and dignity (refer to Policy Q102a)
  • Personal information will be kept in a manner that is secure, private and confidential (refer to Policy Q109)
  • Customers will be free from discrimination, harm, neglect or violence


The organisation mandates the use of TeleClock and Customers/Clients are required to be compliant to assist the organisation to accurately bill Customers/Clients and maintain a transparent system that can be easily audited and identify suspicious transactions.

Reviewing the Service Agreement

This Service Agreement will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the supports being delivered are continuing to assist the Customer/Client in their daily life and achieving their goals.

These reviews will be conducted over the phone with the Customer/Client or representative and will examine their needs, budget, goals and satisfaction.

In the event changes to support and delivery of services are required these changes to the service agreement will follow process outlined below.

Changes to this Service Agreement

If changes to the supports or their delivery are required, the parties agree to discuss and review this Service Agreement. The parties agree that any changes to this Service Agreement will be communicated, discussed and agreed to by both parties.

Ending this Service Agreement

Your service agreement will end as per the end date or if your NDIS plan is extended when your new NDIS plan comes into effect. Until such time, all terms and conditions of the service agreement must be abided by.

Should either party wish to end this Service Agreement they must first give 14 days’ notice to exit under normal circumstances, unless in the case of outstanding payments when EL can give 5 days’ noticeof termination.

If either party seriously breaches this Service Agreement the requirement of notice will be waived. However, where outstanding monies are owed to EL the Customer/Client is still required to make payment within 14 days from the end date of the service.

Feedback and Complaints

If the Customer/Client wishes to give EL Feedback, the Customer/Client can talk to the Service Delivery Team or the appropriate manager on 8340 2000 or submit a Feedback form (secured from an EL employee) by email or post. There are four categories of Feedback a Customer/Client can submit:

  • Comment
  • Suggestion
  • Complaint
  • Compliment

Feedback and complaints are a vital part of the process for improving the services of EL and will be treated with deserved respect.

Confidentiality Policy

Personal Information includes but is not limited to your name, address, contact details, age, date of birth, employment details, bank details and any other information required under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth).

Sensitive Information refers to your medical information, racial/ethnic background and sexual preferences or practices.

You consent to EL:

  • Collecting Sensitive and Personal Information for the primary purpose of providing you services.
  • Collecting information from third parties if we are unable or it is impracticable to collect such information from you.
  • Using or disclosing your information for the sole purpose of:
    • Provision of services
    • Operational functions including, record keeping, risk management, staff training and billing
    • Marketing (both direct and indirect), quality control, Customer surveys or any other communication deemed necessary
    • Other purposes may be required un the National Privacy Principles
  • Disclosing sensitive or personal information to employees, contractors, service providers, health providers, financial institutions, persons acting on your behalf, regulatory bodies, government agencies and law enforcement agencies
You Acknowledge:
  • EL will collect, use and disclose information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The Customer can obtain a copy of our privacy policy at any time by contacting the office.
  • If you do not provide us with your personal and sensitive information our ability to provide services to you may be limited.

Cancellation Policy

All Customers/Clients must provide formal notification and an appropriate reason of any unexpected or unscheduled cancellation of service at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of an assigned shift. Where this occurs, there will be no cancellation charge to the Customer/Client.

Where a Customer/Client provides notification of a cancellation of service providing between 12 and 24 hours’ notice before the commencement of the shift, the Customer/Client may be charged 1 hour at 90% of the applicable rate.

Where a Customer/Client provides notification of a cancellation of service with less than 12 hours’ notice before the commencement of the shift, the Customer/Client may be charged the amount equivalent to 90% of the total hours of service at the applicable rate.

The term ‘Cancellation’ includes:

  • A Customer/Client turning a Lifestyle Attendant away when they have arrived for shift and/or refusal to let the Lifestyle Attendant complete the service unless an arrangement has been made between yourself and the Lifestyle Attendant where wage payment is not required
  • A Customer/Client turning the rostered Lifestyle Attendant away because they have arranged for another worker to attend the shift without notification to the Service Delivery Team
  • A Customer/Client not being at the arranged place of service when the service is due to commence resulting in the shift not occurring

It is understood that emergencies may arise that where a Customer/Client is not able to notify EL within the required period and exemption from cancellation payments can be approved by the Service Manager.

In these instances, the Customer/Clientmay be required to provide a written reason for the cancellation as well as documentation or evidence to confirm.

Contact Details

The Customer/Client(or Customer/Client’s representative) can be contacted on:

Phone (Business Hours):

Phone (After Hours):



Phone (Business Hours):

Phone (After Hours):



Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contact Person:

Emergency Contact Phone:

2nd Emergency Contact Person:

2nd Emergency Contact Phone:

Agreement Sign Off


Name of Customer/Client or name of Customer/Client representative

Enhanced Lifestyles Representative

Name of authorised person EL

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