We should all be able to decide how we live our lives – where we choose to live, the dreams and goals we strive for, and who we share our time with. That’s why at Enhanced Lifestyles we try to pair you with a Disability Support Worker (or Lifestyle Attendant as we like to call them) who’s a great match for you.

To help you find a match, please use the search function and to find the Lifestyle Attendant you’re looking for. PLEASE NOTE – not all of our Lifestyle Attendants are listed, and some will already have a full roster of customers. 

Current Enhanced Lifestyles customers

If you’re looking for additional support, please contact your dedicated Customer Relations Officer and let them know the name of the Lifestyle Attendant you are interested in adding to your team.

Not yet an Enhanced Lifestyles customer?

If you’re not yet an Enhanced Lifestyles customer and would like to understand if we’re the right choice for you, there are many ways to find out! Here are all the ways you can get to know us better:

  1. Call us on 8340 2000 and speak to one of our friendly team members.
  2. Book a meeting at a time that suits you.
  3. Complete this form and we’ll get back to you.
  4. Learn more about us, the reasons we were founded, and our unique member-governed philosophy here.

Services our Lifestyle Attendants provide…

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Support in your community

Our Lifestyle Attendants provide support in attending both family events and leisure activities – providing the physical and emotional support that suits you, as you maintain complete control of your social calendar.

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Support in your home

Home is an important place. Our Lifestyle Attendants bring a wide range of skills into their everyday approach so you can make the most of every moment in the space you love.

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Personal care

Whether it’s assistance from early in the morning as your day begins, choosing the perfect outfit, regular toileting, manual handling or more, our Lifestyle Attendants can support you to move through your day fresh, comfortable and fully empowered.

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