Current Restrictions + New Coronavirus testing recommendations in South Australia


Prime Minister Scott Morrison provided an update this week on the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions.


Current restrictions are set to remain for at least the next four weeks


  • If the numbers further decrease after this period then some restrictions may be eased, specific restrictions were not addressed
  • There will be a six-month window where restrictions will still apply, even if some are lifted
  • Compared to other countries, Australia’s testing regime is doing quite well


Schools to remain open, older teachers advised not to attend


  • The prime Minister has declared that schools are to continue to stay open as there is insufficient data to suggest transmission among children
  • It’s important that teacher’s practice social distancing, especially in staff rooms where there is a risk of infection
  • Older teacher’s and those with chronic diseases are urged not to attend school


Australia’s testing is highly effective


  • There has been praise for Australia’s COVID-19 testing, the country is considered “the most likely” to detect symptomatic cases of Coronavirus
  • Australia is detecting 92 per cent of all symptomatic cases


COVID-19 Testing in South Australia

SA Health has widened the testing criteria for Coronavirus, this includes:


Those with fever symptoms:


  • aching muscles, feeling of weakness, chills, warm forehead


respiratory symptoms:


  • Shortness of breath, severe coughing, difficulty breathing, coughing up mucus


This new testing method will be in place for the next two weeks to ensure South Australians are not infected. To keep updated on the latest Coronavirus information in South Australia visit the SA Health Website


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