Our partnered organisation Lifestyle Assistance Accommodation Service (LAAS) will soon have a state-of-the-art sensory room for clients to enjoy.


After months of researching and testing various sensory equipment options, LAAS have engaged South Australian company Link Assistive – which are leaders in sensory equipment – to develop the sensory room space. The sensory room will be a therapeutic space designed to develop a person’s senses, usually through special lighting, music, and objects.


The versatile space can be used to assist people of all ages to develop communication skills. Sensory rooms are suitable for people with and without disabilities. Multi-sensory environments help people to increase concentration levels, improve alertness and general awareness of their surroundings. LAAS Clients are going strongly benefit from this technology, improving their overall capacity, assisting them to live an independent lifestyle.



There are many more benefits of a multi-sensory environment, especially for people with disabilities, as it can provide a way of encouraging learning, motor development, cognitive function and social interaction skills. The sensory rooms are not just solely for the use of people with disabilities, even though they have shown to have many benefits. The sensory room will not only be available to all LAAS clients during the week but will also be made available for private bookings. This includes after hours and on weekends, allowing members of the public to access a sensory experience that is not available anywhere else in the region.


This vision includes two projectors, with one projector being an interactive “flying carpet” experience, bubble towers, interactive seating and lighting. Clients will be able to enjoy a new outdoor café style area, pamper room and music room.


LAAS are hoping to have all the renovation work completed by the end of July ready for their expected reopening of Day Options in August.



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