How to Join

If you would like a service that is tailored to your needs and gives you choice and control over every aspect of the delivery of those services, join as a customer of Enhanced Lifestyles today!

Who do I talk to?

Contact one of our friendly Customer Relations Officers to discuss the services and supports you require to allow you to reach your goals and objectives. Once this has been completed, the Customer Relations Officer will arrange to meet you and your family or advocate network to design an 8-week transition program. This can be arranged face-to-face or on the phone.

What’s the next step?

Once the service agreement/plan has been agreed upon, the Customer Relations Officer will organise a meet and greet with one of our Lifestyle Attendants (support workers). You can build a team of workers who work with you and suit your lifestyle. Once you are happy with your chosen team, the Customer Relations Officer will assist you to develop your first roster for services.

Can I make any changes?

If at any point during the 8-week transition program you are unhappy and feel you need to talk to someone, our Customer Relations Team is there to support you and resolve any issues. They will work with you to implement the changes in your service agreement/plan to assist you with reaching your goals.

What happens after 8 weeks?

Our Customers Relations Team hands over the management of your services to the Service Delivery Team. They will check-in monthly to ensure you are happy with the services and will act upon any feedback received about your roster and team of Lifestyle Attendants.

Contact Enhanced Lifestyles today to discuss how we can tailor a service that meets your needs and assists you with reaching your goals.

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