Since acquiring his disability, Gordon has been a strong advocate for individuals living with a disability and is committed to supporting their wellbeing.

Gordon was self-employed throughout his career and has worked in various vocations. This includes operating as a licensed builder, earth mover, and managing his family-owned real estate business.

For over 25 years, Gordon has been dedicated to his faith, where he has held Senior Elder positions across three different churches. During this time, he has chaired several church Boards and has served as a committee member on the Austral-Asian ADRA Board. Gordon took great pride in serving the church, particularly when he was responsible for the social wellbeing of all South Australian Church Conference Members.

Gordon has been an Enhanced Lifestyles customer for over five years and has served on the Board as a Committee Member for two years. Gordon is a keen adventurer and enjoys exploring accessible accommodation options and activities to recommend to fellow customers.