COVID-19 Update 24 April – Australia is on the right track

April 24, 2020
Read the latest coronavirus update and how Australia is on track to flattening the curve...

COVID-19 Update 24 April - Australia is on the right track

Australia is on the right track against COVID-19 with the infection rate decreasing


Scott Morrison provided an update on Australia’s efforts against coronavirus on the 23rd of April.

Compared to cases only a few weeks ago, the country is doing exceptionally well. Growth figures indicate that the curve is being flattened and preliminary talks have begun about some restrictions being lifted in the coming months. The Prime Minister was adamant that we do not become complacent during these times, amid fears that the infection figures could climb once again if we are not careful.


The number to watch

Facts and figures during the coronavirus pandemic can become overwhelming and at times confusing. In order to ensure that the country is on its way to getting on top of COVID-19, the growth number must remain under one. Currently, the nation’s growth rate is 0.72 as of the 23rd of April.


How does the growth rate work?

  • If the growth rate figure is below one, it means we are controlling the outbreak
  • If the number is sitting on one or above for consistent days it means that the outbreak is still spreading throughout the community.

Current data shows that the curve is flattening, however it’s expected that the fight against coronavirus is going to be lengthy.


The above graph shows the progress of the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia, as of 23rd of April.


School’s declared safe

With South Australia recording low levels of COVID-19, school’s have been declared safe for children to attend. During the initial coronavirus outbreak, data has indicated there is no correlation that school’s have resulted in infection.

School’s will be implementing the following measures whilst students are introduced back to the classroom:

  • increasing cleaning schedules
  • ensuring there is soap, sanistiser and tissues fr students in staff
  • protocols to practice social distancing
  • no large gatherings involving students and teachers

If  COVID-19 enters a school, there will be a minimum 24-hour closure of that particular school. This will allow time to contact anyone at risk and to perform a deep clean.

Students are advised to stay at home if they have a cold and/or flu symptoms. Students with a chronic medical condition are advised to consult with their GP.



Graph source: Australian Department of Health,


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